Vision board workshop recording

This past Sunday I led a group of awesome women to set intentions and create vision boards for 2018. Not only was this a great opportunity for me to get clear on my own goals for the year, but it was also a powerful reminder of what I want to do more of - leading and facilitating these types of gatherings lights me UP!

My methodology for setting goals and creating vision boards is different from what many other teachers, managers and leaders teach. I know this method is effective, and actually fun, which is why I recorded Sunday's workshop so that I could share it with you!

Click here to listen to my 2018 Vision Board Workshop.

In this 20 minute recording you'll learn:

  • My personal goal-setting technique (which is pretty much the opposite of how I was taught to set goals in school/corporate world)
  • The key to creating a plan that actually happens
  • What I'm doing differently this year with my personal vision board

Plus, I tell a little more about how I went from corporate to coach, including some details that I haven't shared anywhere else.

Finally, I pulled a tarot card (yep, we went there) to help support our visioning process - it felt SO perfect for everyone who was there and I know the message will resonate with you too.



Here's the link to the recording again: 2018 Vision Board Workshop.


After you listen, I'd love to hear from you: Did this goal-setting process help you get clear on your vision for the year? What are your words for 2018? Leave a comment below and let me know.

Happy visioning!