Whatever your challenge or goal, you don't have to go at it alone.

Whether you're simply looking to cook more meals at home, want to start meditating and practicing yoga, or you're going through a big life change and need someone to support and guide you along the way, it's so much easier (and way more fun!) to do so with a coach.

I consider myself both a health and life coach because honestly, everything in your life ends up effecting your health, so it is all the same.

I love teaching about healthy eating and living in a way that's practical. I also am passionate about helping my clients step into their next level, whether that's with food or their business or their spiritual practice.

I offer a range of coaching programs - both programs I've developed myself and ones I co-lead - something to suit a range of goals and needs and individuals. Click below to learn more!



public speaking + Events

Nothing lights me up more than being able to connect with audiences and groups in person. I love blending the skills I learned teaching national trainings back in my corporate days with my passion for personal development.  Skills + passion = Magic Here are just a few speaking engagements I’ve done and workshops I’ve facilitated in the past:


  • Annual Vision Board Workshop (listen to last year’s workshop here)

  • The Yoga of Eating (my unique method of teaching mindful eating)

  • Self Care for Yoga Teachers

Speaking engagements:

  • Healthy Office Basics and 10 Minute Meals for productionglue

  • Essential Oils: Essential Oils 101, Seasonal Workshops, Essential Oils and Yoga, The Business of Essential Oils for Athleta, Lululemon, AirBnB, Exubrancy and private groups.

  • Eating with the Seasons for Sixth Street Community Center



Brand Partnerships

One of the best parts of my career is connecting with brands and businesses who are also supporting people in feeling healthy, happy and vibrant. Do you have an awesome product or service that needs to be shared with the wellness world? I’d love to help you.

ways we can work together:

  • Recipe development to highlight your product and introduce new ways to consume it, to post on your site or mine (or both!).

  • Informational post about an ingredient or experience. Great for new superfoods, workouts or healing modalities that the general public is not as familiar with.

  • Social media share I can use your product or visit your location and share about it on my social channels, or takeover your social channels and share my professional opinion/advice.

  • Wellness expert services Need a health and wellness expert to comment on your brand for media interviews or your site? I can be your girl.

  • Speaking and events I have years of speaking to groups and facilitating discussions for groups of many sizes.

Please see a few examples here, here and here. All blog posts can include any necessary brand info/messaging discussed.



Essential Oils


Essential oils are an essential part of my personal wellness routine and yoga practice. They are my natural medicine cabinet, my air fresheners, my perfume, and even part of my personal care. I love that I know exactly what they are, and that they are gentle yet effective. I’ve used these oils in my yoga classes to create a unique experience that students love and remember.

I also host workshops and events where I bring these oils to yoga studios, the workplace and private homes to allow you to learn more and experience their effects in person.

Learn more about essential oils and their many benefits here.

For more information about hosting an essential oils event or workshop please get in touch by clicking below. 


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"Since working with Emily, I've started practicing yoga regularly and I've noticed a huge shift in my mood. Emily taught me that there's so much more to being healthy than eating salads, which is great news because I honestly don't like salads! Emily is a great listener and has a relaxing influence - I always look forward to our sessions together."


"Emily is a fantastic coach and role model. I've been to coaches before, but Emily is the only one that touched my heart. She recommended I journal to help with loosening things from my heart. I am now writing daily which is helping me lighten up from the inside out." 



"She is sincere and impassioned about health and wellness without making you feel guilty about eating something "bad" or taking a day on the couch. Since practicing yoga with Emily, I've learned how to do arm balances!! Also, I no longer eat dairy which I know makes me feel so much better both on and off the yoga mat." 


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