Careers of IIN Graduates

When I started writing THIS post about my nutrition school, The Institute for Integrative Nutrition, I knew I wanted to include some of the AWESOME things my colleagues have done since graduating from IIN's Health Coach Training Program. Yes, many people go on to work as health coaches, but there are SO many other ways this training can be applied, both professionally and personally.

In this blog post I'm going to introduce you to some of my fellow IIN grads and how they've used what they learned at IIN to transform their careers, their families and their lives.

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Before I get into the stories, I want to take a minute to introduce myself.

Not the most "professional" photo but I think this captures my spirit ;)

Not the most "professional" photo but I think this captures my spirit ;)

For those of you who don't know me, I'm Emily (hi and welcome to my blog!!!). I'm an IIN Health Coach, Yoga Instructor and self-proclaimed wellness NERD based in Brooklyn, NY. I graduated from IIN in 2014 at the same time as I quit my corporate job in public accounting. Since then, I've worn A LOT of different hats: I've coached clients one-on-one; I've run group programs; I've taught yoga in studios, at offices and privately at home; I've facilitated yoga challenges; I've dabbled in corporate wellness and even done some business coaching. I've also been that girl handing out samples at Whole Foods and worked as an assistant to a coach I deeply admire. I knew I wanted to work in the wellness world, but it took me experimenting in all these different arenas to find my current career path that I truly love.

Right now, my main job is working for another health coach (HEY ROBYN!!) - I help run her business and coach clients under her brand. I love this role because it meshes my business background with my love for all things health and wellness. I also enjoy being a part of a team, learning from someone who inspires me, and the steady paycheck. On the side, I write this blog! I develop good-for-you recipes, research and write about the latest healthy restaurants and wellness trends. I live in one of the best cities in the world, although I do need to escape it every so often, and I DO since I'm able to do my work from just about anywhere.

Now I'd like to introduce you to my friends, fellow IIN grads and overall AWESOME people:

sasha yoga brooklyn.jpg

SASHA NELSON // @sashayogawellness /


When I first found Integrative Nutrition, I was not completely convinced that I would wind up coaching - I actually worked for the school in admissions for a few months before deciding to try the program. After telling a few friends I had received the certification, I began getting a few requests asking what services I offered based on what I had learned, and so I fell into a few clients - no more than two at a time - shortly after graduating. I had also just started teaching yoga, and found it to be wonderfully complementary under the umbrella of health and wellness - as many teachers and coaches often do. I used my knowledge and tools from both IIN and teacher training in my mindfulness practices on and off the mat in my personal life, from asana to cooking, and covered overlapping topics like compassion and bio-diversity in both my teaching and coaching. The business skills I learned from my M.F.A. program for Fashion Merchandising at Academy of Art University - where I studied sustainability in fashion - and also from IIN's specific business in wellness platform still help me to stay organized as I continue to grow and develop. I feel supported and encouraged to stay active in my community through events, newsletters and blog posts, group and private classes, networking and exploring various opportunities to share my love for this work. I have recently begun hosting Mindful Mornings with my friend and fellow teacher, Aditi Shah, where we bridge the gap between mindfulness practices and how they relate to food, yoga, meditation, self-care and community. I still take clients and consistently notice the crossover from yoga to wellness in one-on-one sessions. I am curious and excited to keep evolving, learning, and spreading the health - thanks to the teachings of yoga and the spark that Integrative Nutrition helped to ignite.

Michelle Cady Square Headshot.jpg

MICHELLE CADY // @michellefitvista /


I used my education at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition to start my own health coaching business, I named FitVista in 2015. During my year at IIN, I also trained and got certified as a Personal Trainer at Equinox gyms in New York City and added personal training and running coaching to my repertoire of skills and education. Now my business represents many elements wellness and I work virtually with driven private clients to optimize their Nutrition, Fitness and Wellness over personalized six month health coaching programs. Over 70% of my business is 1-1 private health coaching, and the rest is a legacy training and running clients and ad-hoc wellness projects. I highly recommend diversified revenue streams for your business and brand as you start out! I'm building out my corporate wellness business with select partners this Fall 2017 and also writing my first book through IIN's Launch Your Dream Book Graduate level Course. Since I'm a nut about education (and rave about IIN's program!), I'm also taking their graduate level Hormone Health Course this Fall. When I can, I blog, write for the media on stress and self-care and post on Instagram at @michellefitvista.


LESLIE MCDONALD // @balanced_life_leslie /


I graduated from IIN in March 2017 but did not follow the traditional health coach route (i.e. working with individual health coaching clients).  Instead, I created businesses that allow me to bring together the community and share my love for cooking, fitness and spirituality.  I co-founded Holistic Happening, where my partner at I host interactive wellness events in NYC that combine fitness and food.  The goal is to show people that wellness is accessible and fun!  Events feature a 45-minute yoga class followed by an anti-inflammatory meal (made by me!) that is shared at a communal table.  We provide all of the recipes for the dishes so people can go home and make these nourishing and healing foods on their own. 

My second job that I started after IIN is meal prepping for others.  For me, meal prepping has been a key to success when staying healthy because it allows me to live my life without worrying about what I'm going to eat.  I have been meal prepping for myself for years and only with the help of IIN did I see it as a possible career. 

Finally, I share what I’m eating and doing daily to take care of myself on Instagram. What started as an outlet for me to connect with other like minded individuals now is a big part of my brand and business! Companies reach out to me to review their products or services. It feels like a dream that I actually get paid for simply sharing about things I love.


BLAIR BADENHOP // @blairbadenhop /


For the past 3 years, I've been running a fulltime business as a copywriter and brand strategist for health coaches and wellness entrepreneurs. I absolutely LOVE helping my clients nail down their unique value, message, target audience, and overall brand identity. I believe that the only way for entrepreneurs to differentiate themselves in the industry is to really tap into and own their unique set of experiences, qualities, and interests. And getting that clarity and focus from the beginning is oh-so important! My health coaching education at IIN definitely helped me find this pathway to branding and marketing. I've always been a writer and have a marketing background, so while I was health coaching part-time, I was also building this consulting business. Which then grew into a copywriting and brand strategy business.


ERIKA ELKO // @emelko


After graduating from IIN, I gained the confidence to leave a corporate job and went to work for [solidcore] - a boutique fitness startup based in Washington, DC. I started as the Director of Business Development and brought both my background in health and wellness and my business knowledge to the team and quickly moved my way up as the company's first VP of Finance and Operations - it was a perfect fit for me since I went to school for Accounting and Operations Management. The role showed me how I could combine my passion for all things health and fitness with my business training. After I helped grow the business from one studio to over 15, I was ready to branch out in a new industry to help diversify my small business knowledge and get experience in other fields.

Now, in addition to my "day job" in accounting, I do consulting work for a number of start ups in the wellness world. I really enjoy having my hand in a little bit of everything because no two clients are ever the same and it keeps me on my toes. Best of all, I continue to learn myself about new industries and the dynamics of many small businesses and enjoy the challenge of finding solutions that work for my clients.


AMY JAROSKY // @healthyvices /


Having worked at a large hedge fund for over ten years, I fully understand the many stressors of corporate life. When I left my job and enrolled at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, I knew I wanted to help professional men and women balance a healthy diet and lifestyle while climbing the corporate ladder. IIN has provided me with the tools (and confidence!) to speak at large companies and reach thousands of hardworking employees. By presenting healthy snack ideas, desk exercises, short office meditations, etc., professionals can incorporate easy, practical tips into their busy routines so they can perform their best at the office. Corporate wellness is an incredibly rewarding niche and I feel blessed to be able to spread my message.

STEPHANIE KIRYLYCH // @stephaniekirlych /


I'm working full-time as the director of academic advising at UNH Manchester and part-time in my coaching practice Spirited Well-being. I never imagined being able to bring my IIN training and love all of things holistic health into my full-time job but it's been so natural. Along with supporting my students in their academic experiences, I teach them mindfulness, healthy habits, strategies for managing stress, and use the circle of life activity. I also incorporate health and wellness into the way I run my department. We focus on self-care in our staff meetings, hold my staff accountable on their health goals and teach yoga we can do at our desks. While my ultimate goal is to transition my business to full-time, I am grateful that I found a way to merge my passion with my current day job!


Interested in learning more about IIN?

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