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Tarot cards are a beautiful and REAL way to reflect.

They allow us to ask ourselves questions and open up the conversation around things we are dealing with in our lives, whether that's something we're conscious of (impending job change, a relationship, etc) or something that's more under the surface (belief systems, fears, patterns of behavior).

The tarot definitely has a dark side - it's not all rainbows and butterflies, which I appreciate because life isn't all rainbows and butterflies. There's struggle, challenge, pain and discomfort along with joy, magic, peace and happiness.

The tarot encourages us to look at it ALL - feel the feelings, learn the lessons and move forward.


Getting a tarot reading is a form of self-care. It can also be a business expense - in fact most of my clients come to me during a career transition or for guidance on a difficult business situation. But of course we can cover so much more than just business in a reading - love, money, etc etc.


Some words from clients after their readings:

"Wow, I have chills. I've never done a reading before and this was really special. So much to meditate on - I'm literally vibrating!"

"I've been putting off going back to school for a longggggg time. This morning I got your message with my reading. One thing you said that I kept thinking about was 'you may be getting in your own way' and it just clicked with me in all the right ways. Lit a fire within me. Made me self reflect and sit with that idea. Long story short I applied to nursing school today!!!! So thank you for giving me some guidance and a much needed wake up call."

"Thank you so much for the reading! This resonates. A LOT. It's thick, there is a lot here that felt like it really hit me."

"Holy crap! From challenges to the secret - I got the chills. This resonates more than you know."

"This reading sounds exactly right. I just put this quote up on my calendar 'Control is an illusion' reminding myself that going with it while I figure out my business is going to be neither easy nor something I can control. So your interpretation of this spread is spot on to where I am right now - kind of the in-between."

Book a reading:

I'm currently offering tarot readings via email and Instagram direct message. Readings are $35 and you'll receive a photo of your spread, the individual card meanings + my interpretation of the full spread.

Here's how to book your reading:

  1. Make your payment - Venmo (@Emily-Nachazel) or PayPal (emily@emilynachazel.com) $35.

  2. Send me your situation - Send me a few sentences about what you'd like to do the reading on. DM me on Instagram at @EmilyNachazel or email me at emily@emilynachazel.com.

  3. Receive your reading - I'll let you know within 48 hours when you can expect your reading. It will depending on my schedule and bookings, but most often I can do them within the week. If you send your situation via Instagram, that's where I'll respond with your reading, and if you submit via email, I'll respond there.

That's it! Feel free to contact me if you have any questions on the process.


I'm also available to do readings for small group gatherings, retreats and events local to NYC.

Contact me for details!