Thursday 9/26 - Monday 9/30 (with option to extend)

Kittery Point, Maine

A relaxing + restorative weekend of yoga, healthy food and creative self care in the picturesque New England town of Kittery, Maine, led by health coach + yoga instructor Emily Nachazel.


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Kittery Point Beach

re*treat /


to withdraw to a quiet or secluded place

The modern world is fuller than it’s ever been with our always available information, endless work and infinite possibilities for growth and learning. This can be incredible – now more than ever we are empowered to pursue our passions and live our #bestlives. There’s so much energy and so much support around manifesting the life of your dreams.

However, it can be challenging to tune in and listen for what you really want amidst the noise of the day-to-day, and it can be challenging to find the energy to dream if you’re feeling drained from your very full life.

My biggest challenge (in being a coach, an entrepreneur and a human in this modern world) has been learning to manage my energy. I’m a naturally energetic person (especially when perusing my passions like healthy food, yoga and self development), but even I have found myself burnt out, feeling stuck and unable to create or move forward with the projects I’m working on, both professionally and personally.

One thing I’ve learned is the importance of taking time off. Not signing out of email for the weekend (although that’s important too!), but creating space to physically remove myself from my work environment, to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and to immerse myself in nature, self care and meaningful connection with myself and with others.

Emily on Seapoint Beach.jpg

My family’s house in Kittery Point, Maine has been one place I’m fortunate to retreat to several times a year, and now you too can join me for a relaxing + restorative weekend in my “happy place.” 

I decided to host this retreat because 1) I love creating experiences and 2) I know the power of a well planned escape.

I’ve participated, co-hosted, supported and collaborated on over a dozen retreats throughout the last 5 years. This retreat is everything I would want in a weekend and I’m thrilled to invite you to join me for it.

Pop's Cottage.jpg

This all-inclusive long weekend is for creatives, entrepreneurs and caregivers (if you’re a teacher, boss, parent, or simply someone who cares for others as part of your job or life, you’re a caregiver!) looking to recharge physically, mentally and emotionally. We’ll enjoy delicious healthy food, daily yoga, and the peacefulness of nature. There will be optional afternoon workshops designed to inspire and restore you, and give you the boost you need to move forward with whatever professional or personal projects you’re working on.

Join me for 4 days and 4 nights at my family’s beachfront home in Kittery Point, Maine, just north of the New Hampshire boarder (4.5 hour bus ride from NYC, 2 hours from Boston/Logan Airport). Nestled in the woods next to the quiet and peaceful Seapoint Beach, our retreat space is complete with ocean breezes and sunrises that are out of this world. 

Seapoint Sunrise

Sample daily schedule:

7AM - coffee, tea & light bites (fruit, yogurt, granola, etc), enjoy the morning or a walk on the beach before practice

9:30-11AM - morning yoga + breathwork practice

11:30AM - healthy vegetarian brunch prepared with whole and locally sourced ingredients

1 - 4PM - free time (there are plenty of places in the house to read, journal or nap and other suggested activities, like local hikes and sights, will be provided)

4-6PM - afternoon workshop + pre-meal meditation

7PM - delicious dinner featuring local ingredients (vegetarian + meat options each night, and YES we will eat lobster!)

9PM - more free time for stargazing, tarot cards, or bed

Note: Sunday the 29th begins the Jewish holiday of Rosh Hashanah (the new year!). We will have a special dinner on Sunday night that will bring in some traditional foods and allow us to reflect on the year past and what we’d like to do with the year ahead. This will be non-religious - all faiths and backgrounds welcome!

Yoga at Pop's Cottage.jpg

What’s included:

  • 4 nights accommodation at my family’s beach front home (both private and shared spaces available, see room options below)

  • All meals except 1 dinner out (light morning fare, 4 brunches + 3 dinners), snacks, coffee, tea, juice, water - Menus are thoughtfully designed, locally sourced where possible, and served family-style. I’m a foodie so most importantly the food will be delicious.. you will not be disappointed. *dietary restrictions will be considered

  • 4 morning yoga classes - Morning yoga, meditation + breathwork sessions are designed to wake up the body and mind. Classes will be a mix of vinyasa and restorative, and most all will be influenced by Katonah yoga.

  • 3 afternoon workshops – Afternoon workshops are optional (totally get it if you want and need more quiet time) but all are designed to inspire curiosity, self-inquiry and transformation. Workshops to be confirmed but most likely will include: Using Astrology and Human Design in Your Life + Business, Intro to Katonah Yoga, and Self Care for Entrepreneurs + Caretakers

  • Pickup & drop-off from local bus stop (Portsmouth Bus Terminal - 4.5 hour luxury ride from NYC Port Authority Bus Terminal, 90 minutes from Boston/Logan Airport)

  • Welcome gift


Pop's Cottage is a century old beach side cottage in picturesque Kittery Point, Maine. The home was recently renovated and now has all modern amenities while still maintaining it's historic charm.

Option 1: The Ocean Room - private room with queen bed, private bath, ocean view.

$875 single / $725 per person if shared - FULLY BOOKED

Option 2: The Woods Room - private room with 2 twin beds (can be pushed together for couples), shared bath, woods and garden view.

$775 single - FULLY BOOKED

Option 3: The Loft - semi-private space (open loft) with 2 twin beds and meditation nook, shared bath

$675 per person - FULLY BOOKED

Option 4: The Great Room - open space with 2 twin beds and 1 queen pull out, shared bath, big windows with lots of light and garden view.

$625 per person - FULLY BOOKED

EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT – Register by July 15th and receive $75 off.


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The retreat doesn’t have to end on Monday! I’ll be staying through the end of the week and would love for you to join me for an extra few days of relaxation and inspiration (Monday 9/30 - Friday 10/4).

Option A: R&R Extension - The basic extension option, you’ll a healthy breakfast each morning as well as daily yoga or movement. You choose what you do with the rest of your time: you can relax on the beach, stay cozy in the house, or join the co-working vibes at a seperate space on the property where you’ll be inspired by nature and the high vibes people around you. Private yoga and coaching a la carte may be added depending on availability.

R&R Retreat Extension - $325

Option B: VIP Coaching Experience - Ready to #treatyourself to the ultimate mind, body, soul reboot? This special package is for you. In addition to daily breakfast and yoga, you’ll receive the following:

  • One 90-minute deep dive coaching session - We’ll meet for an IRL coaching session where we’ll dive in (to your body and health, or your business - you choose). During this 90-minute session we’ll shake out your current challenges and goals, and set you up with clear action steps to move forward.

  • One 60-minute Katonah Yoga body reading - The mind and body are not seperate. We can tell a WHOLE lot about you by looking at your physical form, and in this 60-minute body reading + private yoga session, we’ll do just that.

  • Two 30-minute follow up coaching sessions - You’ll also receive 2 30-minute coaching sessions after the retreat where we’ll check in on your progress and make sure that you’re moving forward with your action plan. This will also be an opportunity to troubleshoot any blocks that have come up since the retreat (because the post retreat energetic hangover is REAL!).

  • VIP dinner with Emily - One semi-private dinner during the extension period with Emily and the other VIP guests.

VIP Coaching Experience Extension - $825 - ONLY 1 SPOT LEFT!

Meet your host:

Emily Nachazel is a Holistic Health Coach, Registered Yoga Instructor and Universal Health Principles practitioner based in Brooklyn, New York. She has a passion for making health, wellness and personal development digestible and fun. She supports individuals in making changes in their lives - food, career, mindset and beyond. 


I can’t wait to welcome you to this special place, for such a special weekend in September!




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Maine sounds far! How do I get there?

Kittery is the southern most town in Maine, right over the border from New Hampshire and it’s actually quite convenient to get to from most East Coast cities.

By bus - There’s a luxury bus from NYC’s Port Authority (4.5 hours) and from Boston/Logan Airport (1.5 hours). The bus has WiFi so I always use the trip as an opportunity to wrap up all my work projects so that I can really relax once I arrive in Kittery.

By car – Plug in Kittery Point, Maine on your Google Maps for an estimate of the road trip should you choose to drive. We have plenty of parking on site so that won’t be an issue!

By plane – Fly into Boston’s Logan Airport (2 hour bus ride) or Manchester Airport (1 hour drive – fewer flights but you don’t have to deal with the hubbub of Boston). You can also choose to fly into Portland Airport (a little over 1 hour drive) and spend a few days on either end in this fun city!

What is the option to extend my retreat?

I’ll be staying the whole next week (through Friday 10/4) and for a small additional fee you’re welcome to as well! Breakfast and morning yoga or meditation will be provided as part of your stay. You’ll have the option to relax on the beach, explore the local area or get down to business with co-working in a seperate space on the property. Think of it like a mix between vacation, summer camp and a mastermind. It’s going to be incredible and I’m almost looking forward to this time more than the retreat itself. Almost ;)

See two extension options above - I only have 3 spots for the VIP Coaching option, so if you’re interested in that, register ASAP to secure your spot!

Do I have to be a yogi?

No prior yoga experience is required – all classes will be geared towards all levels. You can also choose not to participate in the yoga, but I do recommend it to get the full retreat experience. 

Do I have to be an entrepreneur?

No! While this retreat has the creative entrepreneur in mind, it is not meant to be a business retreat. The conversation, workshops and company will all be applicable to whatever line of work you do (or don’t do). The most important thing is that you are open to self inquiry and personal development.

Will there be alcohol included?

Nope. In all my experience I’ve found the inclusion of alcohol can be both distracting and harmful to the safe, inclusive and healing energy I want to create with this retreat. We will be getting high on awesome conversation, kombucha and good vibes instead.

Is this a women’s only experience?

No. All persons over the age of 18 are welcome.

Have another question not answered on this page? EMAIL ME at

A huge thank you to Jerry Held for the fabulous (non food) photos featured on this page!