Private Coaching


Are you looking for a change, but not sure where or how to start? Feeling lost in the vast world of nutrition and/or personal development? Going through a transition in life or career and need a mentor to support you? Let me be your guide.

As your coach I will help you get clear on where you are and then imagine where you want to go. I’ll support you in making the necessary changes to navigate there, wherever “there” is for you at this time.

Over my years of working on myself and in this world I have an arsenal of resources (that you’ll have access to too, through me!) plus many different modalities to support your shift body, mind and soul.

My passion is helping you step into your next level of YOU.


1:1 Coaching

Individual coaching with me


The Rockstar Coaching Collective

The Rockstar Coaching Collective is a high level, LIVE group coaching program that I run with Robyn Youkilis. It's a mix of health, life and business coaching, and we meet every single week via video conference.

Rockstar is for inspired ladies looking for support in taking both their personal and professional lives to the next level. Many of our women are IIN grads and health coaches or entrepreneurs, but we also have lawyers and women in PR and bakery owners. We have new moms and moms of teens, single ladies and women who have been married for decades.

The common theme is that these women want to better themselves on a deep level - it's not just about looking good and checking achievement boxes, it's about feeling present, connected and aligned with their life purpose.

Rockstar is about learning to embody self care and make choices from a place of intuition every day. It's about being able to show up exactly as you are and be a part of a collective that supports you no matter what you got going on that day or week.



High level group program



Meal Prep Workshop


Most Sundays I do some sort of meal prep so that the food that I want to be eating (greens! roasted veggies! protein!) is ready to go when I am. This usually doesn’t mean I have whole meals prepared, but rather that the components have been prepped so my perfect plate can come together easily, without a ton of time in the kitchen every night.

This little bit of meal prep is the difference between it being EASY to eat the food that makes me feel my best, and it feeling hard (or like something that I don’t have time for).

I helped develop this workshop so I can tell you first hand - it’s GOOD. It’s everything you need to know to start meal prepping (or to up your meal prep game) presented in a way that’s digestible and FUN! 

You'll receive recipes, shopping lists and easy step-by-step guidance to make meal prep an easy part of your weekly routine.


Online workshop


Your Healthiest You


Your Healthiest You is a 6-week virtual coaching program that I helped to create with Robyn Youkilis. In this program you'll receive all of our best coaching, tips and recipes in one well-organized, easy to follow and FUN place.

This program is for you if you want to:

  • Find your own "food voice" (i.e. stop listening to what everyone else is saying and listen to your own body instead).

  • Poop regularly without coffee or laxatives

  • Establish a meditation practice that you actually look forward to

  • Not feel crazy if you miss a workout or go a little overboard on the wine and cheese one night

  • Bring your hormones back into balance (HELLO gorgeous skin, better digestion and fewer mood swings).

I often have my 1:1 clients go through this program before working with me privately because it provides such an incredible foundation and covers the topics and tips that I start almost everyone with around healthy food basics, mindfulness, cravings and MORE.

Best of all this program is digital so you can participate from anywhere in the world and whenever works with your schedule.


6-week digital course


client testimonials-emily nachazel.jpg

"Since working with Emily, I've started practicing yoga regularly and I've noticed a huge shift in my mood. Emily taught me that there's so much more to being healthy than eating salads, which is great news because I honestly don't like salads! Emily is a great listener and has a relaxing influence - I always look forward to our sessions together."


"Emily is a fantastic coach and role model. I've been to coaches before, but Emily is the only one that touched my heart. She recommended I journal to help with loosening things from my heart. I am now writing daily which is helping me lighten up from the inside out." 



"She is sincere and impassioned about health and wellness without making you feel guilty about eating something "bad" or taking a day on the couch. Since practicing yoga with Emily, I've learned how to do arm balances!! Also, I no longer eat dairy which I know makes me feel so much better both on and off the yoga mat."