Private Coaching


Are you looking for a change, but not sure where or how to start? Feeling lost in the vast world of nutrition and/or personal development? Going through a transition in life or career and need a mentor to support you?

Let me be your guide.

As your coach I will help you get clear on where you are and imagine where you want to go. I’ll support you in making the necessary changes to navigate there, wherever “there” is for you at this time.


Over my years of working on myself and in this world I have an arsenal of resources (that you’ll have access to too, through me!) plus many different modalities to support your shift body, mind and soul.

My passion is helping you step into your next level of YOU.


  • You think online or group programs (and books and podcasts) are awesome, but exploring these options for self awareness and improvement have not elicited the results you desire, whether it’s with your food and body or your career. Or maybe you have seen shifts in the short term, but nothing you’ve tried has been sustainable long term

  • You’re really, really ready (like yesterday) to change the way you speak to and think about yourself.

  • You feel like I get you (even if we’ve never met) and would be THRILLED to learn directly from me

  • You have a business or passion project you MUST move forward with, but fear, indecision and lack of practical or emotional support is keeping you from doing so

  • You’re a coach or studying to be a coach, and want the experience of working with a coach yourself to see how the whole process works. Plus, you may still be dealing with your own food and body stuff which is holding you back from feeling like you CAN do this

  • You know you thrive with 1:1 support

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“When we started working together, I had dreams of starting my own coaching business (which I did!) but also wanted to improve some of my own food and life habits. Especially when you’re a coach, it’s all connected. Through working with Emily, I was able to reconnect to my self care practice, which set the ground for me having the confidence and energy to move forward with my business.

I’d describe Emily as a mindset coach. Yes, she helped me a lot with the practical things (strategies for getting back into my meditation practice, tips around eating healthy while being around not-so-healthy food every day at my job, resources for launching my own podcast) but more than anything else she’s helped me shift my mindset. I’m so much kinder to myself. I also feel empowered and excited to step into this next phase of my career and life.” 



I’m more in touch with my intuition - I’m SO much more confident in my ability to pause, check in, and listen to what my body is telling me. I love that I’ve really figured out my “non-negotiables” and these healthy habits are a part of my daily routine, even on vacation and weekends. I have such a better mindset around exercise and food. I now think about how my meals and workouts will make my mind AND body feel versus exercising or eating to look a certain way.

As someone who’s currently studying to become a health coach, working with Emily was so beneficial for me because I got to see how a health coaching program works. I saw how valuable it is to have a coach. Plus, she provided me with some behind the scenes tips and pointers for starting my own business.

I got a lot out of every session - everything we talked about really stuck and has helped me to make small changes that are having a great impact on my life.”



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“There was a time when I felt stressed and anxious thinking about all the things I wanted to do, but not feeling like I could take action towards them. I had dreams but thought “I can’t” and “There’s not enough time.”

Working with Emily 1:1 gave me the confidence, tools, and support I needed to leave my clinical job to pursue my dream of becoming a coach. It was powerful to have someone that believed in me, who was also able to provide both the practical and emotional tools I needed to move forward and stay accountable. I love that Emily guided me towards my goals in an attainable way that worked for me, instead of just what everyone else was doing or what I "should" do.

My “I can’ts” have turned into “I cans.” Yes, I still experience stress and my doubts, but I don’t have to live in that place. There is plenty of time and I can choose what I’m going to do with it.

I’m taking care of myself, I feel like ME again and I’m excited for all the future has in store.”



How my private coaching works:

I only take on a small number of 1:1 clients at a time so that I can fully hold space and be there for my people.

Once you apply, I’ll be in touch within 48 hours to schedule an initial phone call where we’ll talk through your goals and challenges, and together decide if working together feels like a right fit. This will also be your opportunity to ask me questions about the coaching experience.

If we decide to move forward, we’ll schedule your initial session right then and there. I’ll send you a few on-boarding materials, including a detailed intake form that will help me get to know you on a deeper level and prepare for our initial session.

Our initial session will be longer - about 50 minutes - and this is where we’ll really dive in and get clear on what you want to accomplish during our program. We’ll set specific, actionable goals as well as your personal action plan.

Our regular bi-weekly sessions will be 25 minutes - each call we’ll check in with your goals and plan, cover a topic or focus area related to your personal goals and troubleshoot anything you want specific support on.

All sessions are held via a conference call line or Zoom video conferencing (your preference) and are recorded. Sessions may be a mix of health, life and business coaching, and Universal Health Principles sessions. I’ll also bring in tarot, astrology and other modalities as appropriate.

Within 24 hours of your session, you’ll receive an email from me with the recording as well as a full set of notes and any action items (your homework!).

You’ll be able to email or text me in between sessions for in-the-moment questions and support.

What’s included in your program:

  • One 50-minute deep dive session (+ recording and session notes) at the start of your program to lay out your personalized plan 

  • Two 25-minute sessions per month (+ recording and session notes) to check in on progress and troubleshoot challenges

  • Email and text support in between sessions

  • Any resources (podcasts, handouts, books, etc) that I feel would be supportive to you and your goals

  • Other fun surprises along the way! ;)


I currently have one spot open for coaching to start in July 2019.

This spot will fill quickly, so whether you’ve been curious about working with me for a while or you just found me but all of this is resonating with you, I encourage you to apply today.

Click the link below to complete and submit your application online!


Have a question about the program before applying?

CONTACT ME and I’ll be in touch!