I wrote this sweet letter to myself

Do you ever have the intention to eat a healthy breakfast, meditate or workout in the AM, but it never seems to end up happening? Or maybe it happens, but not really the way you planned and it doesn't leaving you feeling the way you want to feel?

When I find myself struggling to start my day in the way I KNOW makes me feel my best, I write myself a love letter.

Yep, a love letter.

Before I go to bed, I write a note to myself. I think about what would be supportive and motivating for me to hear in the morning; what I might tell a friend or loved one if they were struggling to do something really good for themselves.

Here's a note I wrote to myself a few weeks ago:

Wouldn't you want to read this in the AM?

Wouldn't you want to read this in the AM?

Then, I'll place the letter on my nightstand or somewhere else where I'll see it in the morning. When I wake up, I try to read this FIRST THING - before turning on my phone and checking social media, before breakfast, before I officially start my day.

Not so much of a writer? You can also leave yourself a voice note on your phone and listen to that first thing.

Even though I love my work, I often wake up with a seemingly endless to-do list running through my head, which can leave me feeling behind or like I'm not doing enough. And while I have SO many people in my life that regularly tell me what a GREAT job I'm doing, at the end of the day it's really only my perspective of me (and your perspective of you) that truly matters. I've found this "self love letter" the perfect way to show myself some appreciation; this practice also helps to shift those subconscious, limiting belief systems such as "I am not enough" or "I don't have enough time."

I don't do this every day, or every week for that matter, but every time I do it totally changes my attitude and mood for the better.

Try it: Tonight, write yourself a little note. It can be a full letter, or just one or two words that you think will be helpful for you to read in the AM. Put it on your bedside table or next to your pillow, and then make sure to actually read it before you start your day! You can also come back to it at any time throughout your day when you need a boost.


Have you ever written yourself a "love letter," or do you have a similar self-care practice that always sets you up for feeling great? I'd love to hear about it in the comments below.