Loving lately July 2016

As a way to share my favorites with you on a regular basis, I created the "Things I'm Loving Lately" series here on the blog. In this series I share everything from food to fitness, brands to beauty products, good reads to good listens. 

Here's what I'm currently craving and crushing on:

- Toast - If you follow me on Instagram, you'll know I've been all about the toasts these days! Mostly I enjoy a slice with my breakfast, always gluten free and whole grain because I know that makes me feel better than traditional bread.

- Run skirts! The first time I saw a run skirt years ago I laughed... the whole concept seemed silly to me. But recently my friend Jenna wore one to run club and raved about it, and I knew I had to try one for myself. Basically, run skirts are amazing! You get the benefits of tight shorts (i.e. no chafing) and the freedom of looser shorts. My favorite is the Pace Rival Skirt from lululemon - I actually bought the "Tall" style because I like my skirt a little longer.

- Fresh herbs - Herbs and spices add a TON of flavor to food, but also a TON of nutrients! Right now I've been all about fresh dill, basil, and cilantro, but mint, thyme, and parsley are other favorites. Pro tip: wash your herbs when you bring them home and then wrap in a paper towel (to soak up excess moisture). Then use a scissors to snip off ribbons when you are ready to use!

- Fennel essential oil - Alright I may just be having a love affair with all things fennel (it's still my favorite snacking veggie). Fennel essential oil is great for relieving indigestion, but I've mainly been using it aromatically by diffusing it in my apartment. It's cooling and leaves the air feeling fresh, clean and sweet. Click here to purchase your own fennel essential oil.

- Infused water - The summer heat means it's even MORE important to make sure you are drinking plenty of water and staying hydrated. I know a lot of people struggle with drinking water, but water doesn't have to be bland or boring! Try adding in fruit and veggie slices and fresh herbs for a delicious twist on regular H20. Here are some of my favorite infusions: cucumber + mint, berries + lemon, apple + ginger, and citrus + cayenne.


What are you loving lately?  Let me know in the comments below!

High Protein Avocado Toast

In case you didn't know this already, I love avocado. As I've mentioned before, it's my "perfect food." During my recent move, I found myself turning to avocado toast for many a quick meal. This variation of the oh-so-trendy avocado toast came out of my desire for an easy meal that still packed in all the essential macronutrients : protein, fat, complex carbs. 

If you haven't experimented with lentils yet, I recommend you pick some up soon. Not only are they high in protein and iron, they are super easy to make. I've recently added cooking lentils to my weekend meal-prep routine so they are ready to go for toast, bowls, and other meals during the week. 


High Protein Avocado Toast // vegan, gluten free option, soy free

Serves 1 (but feel free to double this recipe if you want to share, or if you are really hungry!)


- 1 piece bread of choice (I love Free Bread Inc gluten free breads)

- 1/2 ripe avocado

- 1/3 cup cooked lentils (I used split red lentils as they have the quickest cook time)

- sea salt and pepper

- lemon/lime

- red pepper flakes (optional)


1. Toast your bread. 

2. While bread is toasting, mash avocado with lemon/lime in a small bowl using the back of a fork. 

3. Spread lentils over toasted bread (if you use split red lentils they will probably be soft enough to smoosh on the toast like a dip).

4. Top lentils with mashed avocado. Season with S&P and red pepper (if desired). ENJOY!


Other variations:

Mediterranean: Use hummus instead of lentils.  Top with roasted red peppers, olives, or artichoke hearts.

Mexican:  Use cooked black beans instead of lentils.  Sprinkle with cumin and top with salsa.

American: Use a sliced hard-boiled egg instead of lentils. Top with a sliced tomato and lots of freshly ground black pepper.


Are you an avocado fanatic like me?  What's your favorite way to enjoy this beautiful green fruit? Yup, it's a FRUIT!  Let me know in the comments below.