What I'm doing differently in 2017 [vision board pic!]

Where were you 1 year ago today?

What you did for the holidays? What job or school or situation did you find yourself heading back into? Did you sign up for a 30-day challenge, an intensive training or start reading a new self development book? Were you feeling excited and inspired at the thought of a brand new year in front of you?

Now I want you to fast forward to today - January 3rd 2017. What was the past year like for you? Did you reach your goals? More importantly - how did you feel? Did you stay inspired? Or did the energy die down, the inspiration gone after a few weeks of getting back into real life?

It's okay - I didn't reach all of my goals either.

I made the vision board and even wrote down specific action items (4 pages of them to be exact). But I still fell short on some of my intentions that were important to me.

Here's why...

I didn't have anyone to hold me accountable.

I had the big dream but not the step-by-step personalized support that I needed to anchor that dream into my daily reality.

Now, don't get me wrong, 2016 was a great year in so many ways. But I did feel a little disappointed in myself for not following through on the things I said I wanted to do with my health, my business, and my life.

Here's what I'm doing differently this year: I'm asking for help.

Again this year, I made my vision board and wrote out my goals. But this year I also shared that vision and those goals with people who I know will hold me accountable. Who will [lovingly] call me out when I'm not following through, who will talk it out with me when something isn't working as planned, and who will share in carrying the responsibility of the "work."

This is my vision board for this year:

There's a lot of specifics that I won't go into here (although I am more than happy to tell you if you are interested), but here are my overarching intentions for the next year:

- Be OPEN and HONEST in all communication
- FOLLOW THROUGH on my words and actions
- Be UNAPOLOGETIC about what I want in all areas of life
- Allow work to feel EASY and FUN
- FOCUS on the people and activities that light me up

Now it's your turn. What's your vision for 2017?

What is a goal you want to achieve, or a dream you wish to make come true? Comment below or email me at emily@emilynachazel.com and tell me what you want to make happen this year - it can be just one thing, or maybe you have a whole vision board made. Whatever it is, I want to hear from you.

And if you are not sure where you want 2017 to take you... that's okay too. I can help you get there. Yes, I'm a "health" coach but your whole life impacts your health. I work with clients to get clear on their goals for their bodies and for their lives, and then help them create a roadmap to get where they want to be, whether that's 10 lbs lighter or feeling more appreciated at their job.

Ready to make 2017 your best year yet?

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Let's do this 2017!!

Sticking to Your Resolutions

You may have forgotten that just over a month ago you made some big plans to do things differently this year. You said you'll go to the gym more, eat less junk, or maybe try to find that special someone. And what happened? Life probably got in the way of accomplishing those New Year's resolutions and you're back to your old habits.

Today I'm sharing 3 easy tips for creating resolutions that actually stick (it's not too late!) over at The ANY Magazine, an online publication launched in 2015 by Alder New York to share a unique perspective on living your best life. I love The ANY Magazine because it is all about helping you find that 80/20 balance between what you know you should do (go to the gym, drink green smoothies) and what you WANT to do (stay out late, have that second glass of champagne).

Head on over here to read the full article (and check out this awesome resource!): Sticking to Your Resolutions.

Resolution Reflections + Headspace

Can you believe that we are already one month in to 2015? It's about this time every year that resolutions start to falter (I blame the cold!) and old, less-than-desirable habits creep back in.  While I am not one to promote crash diets or crazy gym routines, I do think that new years resolutions have the potential to be a positive thing - it's good to reflect on what you want out of life and how you plan to get there.  But why do we all feel the need to commit to one, over-ambitious on January 1st, only to feel dis-heartened and burnt out a few weeks later?    

This year, I'm breaking free of this unproductive cycle.  Instead, I will be making a series of smaller resolutions throughout the year - ones that ring true for the season and that I can (reasonably) hold myself accountable to.  January started off strong - I developed a new, energizing morning routine that has put a pep in my step all month.  So what will I commit to for February? Meditation.  

The more I read, the more I learn about the power of thought and the benefits of visualization. I've been wanting to establish a meditation practice for a while now, but I keep talking myself out of truly trying it.  I think part of the problem is that "meditation" has always implied silence and calm for an extended period of time - something that I'm not ready for, just yet at least.  

And then I learned about Headspace - an app that eases you into meditation 10-minutes at a time.  10 minutes?  Even I can handle that.  Oh, and it's user friendly too, complete with graphics that help you demystify meditation techniques.  You can read more about the app here and here.  

image via Headspace

I'm excited to see where this month of meditation takes me.  There are some big changes going on in my life, so I think this choice of resolution is perfect for me right now.

Have you ever tried to meditate? What were the results?  I'd love to hear your stories, and any tips and tricks from all you seasoned meditators out there.