Spring cleaning for your gut!

I spent last week in Tulum - an amazing, magical place home to everything from vegan chocolate smoothie bowls to paleo quesadillas, treehouse yoga to ocean front sound healing, fresh coconuts to passion fruit margaritas, all under the radiant Mexican sun.

It was a true retreat in every sense of the word. If you read my last email you know that I took myself off social media for 10 days, which included the 5 days I was in Tulum, and I traveled alone meaning this trip was full of self reflection and serious ME time.

beautiful sunrise in Tulum


With the warm temps, sun, sand, and lighthearted spirit this trip transported me straight from the dreary ends of winter here in the Northeast to the loving arms of SUMMER. While I was beyond happy to be in the summer vibes, I couldn't help but feel that my body was still back in winter. As I put on my bikinis and shorts for the first time in over 6 months I couldn't help but feel, well, a little fluffy.



Our bodies naturally hold onto weight during colder seasons, mainly to protect us.

Back in the caveman days, more body fat = more warmth, which means you'd be more likely to survive the harsher season.

The spring season is all about fresh starts, cleaning out and lightening up. Likely you'll start to see advertisements for detox programs and summer body boot camps popping up on your Facebook feed or web browser.

It can be easy to jump at the first juice cleanse that you see, but there's actually an easier and more sustainable way to shed that excess winter weight and reset your taste buds.

A meal plan that's delicious and nutritious, and will help you get into a groove of eating in a way that nourishes your gut and calms your cravings.

Join me for The Good Gut Reset from Thin From Within.



This is the only "cleanse" program I'll recommend because it's
1. Completely sane (ie there's PLENTY of food)
2. Completely do-able (you're given shopping lists, a step-by-step meal prep plan and daily email support)
3. And (most importantly) completely DELICIOUS.


 The program is 100% FREE - all you need to participate is a copy of Thin From Within. 

Time to shed that winter sweater...

Time to shed that winter sweater...

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Besides the results you can expect from just 3 days on this program (less bloat! weight loss! fewer cravings!), the best part is being able to do this with others. There's something about the energy of a group that makes any goal or challenge more attainable, and more FUN!

We already have over 1,000 people signed up to start on Monday. Are you IN?



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