High Protein Avocado Toast

In case you didn't know this already, I love avocado. As I've mentioned before, it's my "perfect food." During my recent move, I found myself turning to avocado toast for many a quick meal. This variation of the oh-so-trendy avocado toast came out of my desire for an easy meal that still packed in all the essential macronutrients : protein, fat, complex carbs. 

If you haven't experimented with lentils yet, I recommend you pick some up soon. Not only are they high in protein and iron, they are super easy to make. I've recently added cooking lentils to my weekend meal-prep routine so they are ready to go for toast, bowls, and other meals during the week. 


High Protein Avocado Toast // vegan, gluten free option, soy free

Serves 1 (but feel free to double this recipe if you want to share, or if you are really hungry!)


- 1 piece bread of choice (I love Free Bread Inc gluten free breads)

- 1/2 ripe avocado

- 1/3 cup cooked lentils (I used split red lentils as they have the quickest cook time)

- sea salt and pepper

- lemon/lime

- red pepper flakes (optional)


1. Toast your bread. 

2. While bread is toasting, mash avocado with lemon/lime in a small bowl using the back of a fork. 

3. Spread lentils over toasted bread (if you use split red lentils they will probably be soft enough to smoosh on the toast like a dip).

4. Top lentils with mashed avocado. Season with S&P and red pepper (if desired). ENJOY!


Other variations:

Mediterranean: Use hummus instead of lentils.  Top with roasted red peppers, olives, or artichoke hearts.

Mexican:  Use cooked black beans instead of lentils.  Sprinkle with cumin and top with salsa.

American: Use a sliced hard-boiled egg instead of lentils. Top with a sliced tomato and lots of freshly ground black pepper.


Are you an avocado fanatic like me?  What's your favorite way to enjoy this beautiful green fruit? Yup, it's a FRUIT!  Let me know in the comments below.