Adventures in Tahoe

Emily's Epic 2016 Adventure has begun! I've said farewell to NYC for a few weeks and am off exploring the west coast for the remainder of the month. In true wellness blogger form, I'm going to be documenting what I'm eating, drinking and doing during these few weeks here on the blog (you can also follow along on Instagram for real-time updates).

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And my journey continues north to Lake Tahoe, CA!


I was only in Tahoe for a weekend, but here are a few highlights of my visit!


- Healthy beach lunch from Tahoe Central Market at Kings Beach - A perfect beach day lunch spot, this market has made-to-order sandwiches and salads, plus a ton of snacks/grocery items. I got a salad with tons of veggies + a scoop of tuna salad (note: there are not a ton of vegetarian protein options for salads/sandwiches). They also have kombucha on tap from Folk Brewing Co. I tried the Kaffier Coriander flavor and it was super light and refreshing! Finally, I did spy some gluten free baked goods near the deli counter but didn't sample any. #willpower

- Treats at Coffeebar - Coffee house and bakery located in Truckee. All sorts of gluten free treats (and glutinous ones too!). We tried the gluten free blueberry bran muffin (great!) and the lavender latte (WAY too sweet for my liking).

- Groceries from New Moon Naturals - One of my favorite parts of traveling is exploring new health foods stores! New Moon Naturals is a moderately sized place with all sorts of crunchy goodies. They also have a small deli/salad bar and a smoothie/juice bar for fresh eats. Oh and kombucha on tap! ;)


- Hike - Trails are everywhere here! Go check one (or five) out!

- Beach it up - We went to Kings Beach, which is centrally located in North Tahoe and a great spot to spend the day. We didn't end up doing this, but you can rent paddle boards and other water sports equipment here.

- Truckee Community Farmer's Market - A quaint little farmers market where we found fresh squeezed juice, local kombucha, handcrafted chocolates, and so much more!


My cousins just built a beautiful new house here so I can't wait to visit again and explore more! I'm not really a skier, but I do hope to come back and see what the winter season has to offer!