Cooling Cucumber Mint Spa Water

Wake your body up with this delicious spa water. Cucumber is hydrating and a natural diuretic (which means it helps flush toxins out of your system). Mint is calming and cooling, and the scent alone will boost your energy levels. Sea salt helps replenish electrolytes which are essential for proper muscle recovery.

Cooling Cucumber Mint Spa Water // vegan, gluten free, raw


- 24 oz water

- 1 Persian cucumber, washed and sliced

- 5 mint leaves

- Dash high quality sea salt


1. Add all ingredients to a large mason jar or water bottle. This is best if you let it sit for a while - I love to make a big jar of this at night and keep it in the fridge to enjoy right when I wake up in the morning. 

Detox with Water - Hydration Tips for the New Year

Your blood, brain, bones, and muscles are mostly made of water. Plenty of water is crucial for the cells to function at their optimal levels and for your body to perform its natural detox function [yup, you can detox just by drinking water. score!]  

Here are a few easy ways to increase hydration:

  1. Drink More Water - Drink a BIG glass of water right when you wake up. This will jumpstart your body's systems and get you going, naturally. Herbal tea and kombucha are other great options. 

    1. Amp up the flavor! Not a huge water fan? Try adding fresh fruit (I love citrus and berries) and fresh herbs (like mint!) to your bottle - it's natural vitamin water!

    2. Fill it up and drink it down!  Carry a bottle with you wherever you go, especially when traveling.  

  2. Eat Water Rich Foods - Leafy greens, celery, and juicy fruits like apples and grapes are filled with H2O. 

  3. Avoid drying foods - Caffeine, soda, alcohol, and fried foods dry you out!  Steer clear of these as much as you can, and if you do have them, make sure to drink extra water to re-hydrate!

  4. Moisturize! Did you know that the skin is the body's largest organ? Hot yoga can really dry you out so make sure you are moisturizing properly. I love to use coconut oil instead of lotion (tip: try putting it on before you get in the shower - your skin will better absorb it this way and you won’t feel “oily” afterwards).

How do you stay hydrated through the dryness of winter? Let me know in the comments below!