Not your typical Thanksgiving recipes

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday because FOOD but also because of the traditions my family, friends and I have created together around this day.

In the past, I've pulled together a round up of healthy holiday recipes - some that I'm hoping to try out myself, but also simply to provide YOU all with inspiration on how this traditionally overindulgent meal can also be nourishing and full of veggies :)

My Thanksgiving dinner = a rainbow of veggies!

My Thanksgiving dinner = a rainbow of veggies!

This year I'm doing a slightly different recipe round up. The recipes I'm sharing today are not necessarily meant for your holiday meal, but rather in the days surrounding Thanksgiving (or whatever holiday you're celebrating!).

Why? What trips us up health or digestion wise around the holidays isn't usually the holiday meal itself. It's how we eat in between the festivities and parties.

Pumpkin AND pecan pie with whipped cream is totally fine on Thanksgiving. It's when we have that plus the Gingerbread latte and almond croissant the next morning while Black Friday shopping, plus the 1/2 (okay full) bottle of wine with friends the next evening, plus leftover pie for breakfast the next day that we start to feel less than sparkly in our bodies.

It's not ONE meal or ONE decision that makes or breaks your health. It's how you feed and treat yourself most of the time that truly makes a difference.

Mmmm look at all those veggies!

Mmmm look at all those veggies!

This is not to say you can't enjoy yourself thoroughly and repetitively throughout the holiday season. I plan to have MANY desserts and cocktails with friends and lazy mornings.

But I also plan to choose my indulgences consciously, and choose to feed myself nourishing, whole foods between those conscious indulgences.

So the recipes that I'm sharing today are wholesome, gut healing and simple. They're foods and meals you can reset yourself with in between the parties and celebratory meals, for this season and beyond.


Note: Many of these recipes are pulled from the few cookbooks I own. I’ve linked recipes when possible, but I also highly recommend investing in these cookbooks as they are packed with easy, nourishing recipes.



  • Shepard’s Pie from Go with Your Gut

  • Superhuman Breakfast (for breakfast, lunch or dinner!)

  • The Simplest Salmon from Thin From Within

  • My favorite thing to reset my gut is a pile of steamed veggies of any and all kinds! I love steaming up kale, sweet potatoes, peas, kabocha squash and more in my bamboo steamer basket (which yes, I pack and bring with me for the holidays!).

  • Collard Salad Wraps from Thin From Within


COOKBOOKS: Oh She Glows, Go with Your Gut, Thin From Within

You best bet I'll be photographing my eats and creations!

You best bet I'll be photographing my eats and creations!

Whether you make one of these recipes or something more festive from a previous holiday round up (linked in PS below!), I LOVE seeing your food photos. Snap a picture of your dish or plate and post it to social media (Instagram, Facebook or Twitter!). Be sure to tag me @EmilyNachazel so I can see your posts.

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Tips for new health coaches

I received this contact form submission from my website last week:

Hey Emily! My name is Meaghan and I've been following your blog and instagram for the past few months. I'm very inspired and touched by your genuine, personable nature. I'm a relatively new integrative wellness coach myself, so it's been really nice to follow how you so wonderfully, creatively, and passionately approach the whole thing.

I just moved and am currently trying to establish myself in Brooklyn! Which is where I could use your help...

I'm wondering if you'd be willing to meet up so I could ask you a few questions about how you got your coaching practice up and running. I am happy to meet you wherever you are - your favorite cafe or your work space!

I SO appreciate any amount of time that you have to offer. Let me know :)


Meaghan’s message immediately brought me back to 3.5 years ago when I myself was just starting out as a new health coach.



I wrote similar emails to a few coaches and bloggers I admired and I was so, so SO grateful for the ones that responded with kind words and an openness to meeting with me.

And so while life is really full right now with travel and work and personal projects, I knew I would make the time to meet with Meaghan.

I responded “Of course, I’m happy to meet up and chat with you.”

I get a lot of emails and messages from new or aspiring health coaches. And while I’d LOVE to meet up or get on the phone with each and every one of them (and you! I love talking to people!) I know that’s not possible or practical.

Today I’m passing along few of the tips I shared with Meaghan when we met up on Monday morning. Yes, these are specific to my experience and geared towards individuals getting started with a career in the health and wellness world, but they definitely can apply to ANYONE starting a new career or passion project.


Here's my best advice for new coaches:

  • Try out a LOT - When I first left my corporate accounting job to pursue a career in health and wellness, I said YES to almost every opportunity that came my way. I taught at 4 different yoga studios, served sample smoothies at Whole Foods and even rainbow dyed my hair for Refinery29, an online beauty website. I volunteered to teach classes, give talks and participate in health fairs. I tried a lot on and from there was able to better discern what I actually wanted to do within the health and wellness field (and what I definitely DIDN’T want to do). Plus, I made some amazing connections and friends along the way.

  • Don’t be above the bridge job - Straight up it can be tough transitioning from a full time corporate job (with a full time corporate salary) to the freelance or entrepreneur life. Don’t be above getting a “bridge” job - something that helps pay the bills that may (or may not) be in alignment with your passion or vision. Two months after I left my corporate job my health coaching practice was going well (as in I was getting clients and they were seeing success) BUT it wasn’t growing big or fast enough to pay my NYC rent and health insurance bill. So I decided to pursue a bridge job… which just so happened to turn into one of the BEST jobs ever.. more on that next.

  • Find a mentor or hire a coach - This is probably my biggest tip of all. Find a mentor. Join a mastermind group. Hire a coach. I know it can be scary investing in yourself this way especially if you’re already taking a financial risk starting a new career or project, but I strongly, STRONGLY believe that everyone needs a coach, especially during times of change or transition. ESPECIALLY if you’re looking to be a coach or leader yourself. I speak from my personal experience with myself but also with the experiences of the coaches and entrepreneurs I’ve coached - the expense is worth it. If you have the resources, I recommend working with a coach 1:1 for an extended period of time - not just one meeting or shorter program, but months if you can. Having someone that you know is there to support you, guide you and ultimately remind you of your goals and dreams is priceless.



Are you an entrepreneur or coach? What was YOUR biggest challenge when starting out? Leave a comment below and let me know!

Photo by Seana Pasic

My non-negotiables

As I write this post I’m in the middle of a 10 day trip with some of my best college girlfriends. We’re doing a lot of hiking at some beautiful national parks and also making a weekend stop in Vegas. It’s been an amazing trip so far because I’ve been able to spend quality time with friends I don’t see that often while still sticking to my “non negotiables.”

What’s a non negotiable? Its a practice, routine or ritual that you do every day that makes you feel your best. These are the things that keep you grounded even if everything else around you feels way out of the norm.

Like me, maybe you spent this past weekend celebrating. Memorial Day marks the beginning of the summer season - a time where we travel more, stay up a little later, spend more time outside, and likely eat and drink a little more loosely since it’s summer and it’s time to relax and have fun.

Me and my girls in the middle of an amazing hike in Zion!

Me and my girls in the middle of an amazing hike in Zion!

Personally I know I don’t feel my best if I let all my healthy habits fall by the wayside (even when I’m on vacation), but I also know I need to enjoy life and have a little wiggle room, especially in the summer.

This is where non negotiables come in.

Your non negotiable may be meditation, eating at least 1 green vegetable a day, journaling, etc. They can change over time with you, or adapt to the situation.



Right now my non negotiables are:
1. Water first thing when I wake up
2. Morning meditation
3. Getting in plenty of movement AND exercise every day

These are things I’m committed to, even on vacation, even on the weekends. They’re especially important on trips with friends and family because they keep you grounded and connected to yourself, the YOU that you are now and that you’re working to become, versus the YOU you may feel pulled to be around old friends or your fam.

Morning "me" time is one of my non negotiables. Usually this means water, meditation and tea.

Morning "me" time is one of my non negotiables. Usually this means water, meditation and tea.

I first learned about the idea of non-negotiable from Robyn, and it’s something she teaches in the first week of her online coaching program, Your Healthiest You.

I helped Robyn create this program and have had many of my clients, family and friends go through it. The course covers much of the material both Robyn and I start on with our 1:1 coaching clients - it will help you create (or redefine) your healthy foundation.

In the 6 week course you’ll learn:

  • How to identify YOUR non negotiables
  • What to put on your plate at every meal
  • What your cravings may be trying to tell you (it’s likely not as simple as you think)
  • How to create a meditation practice
  • What’s up with your hormones (focused on my ladies, but also super informative for my male friends!)
  • And so much more!

Whether you’ve been on a health kick and want to keep momentum behind that as we move into summer or MDW indulgences already have you feeling less than sparkly in your bikini or swim trunks, this course is for you.



Because I know how incredible this course is, I’m offering a special bonus when you enroll: in addition to the bonuses listed on the course website, you’ll also receive a 25 minute laser focus coaching session with me ($250 value)!
Head here to learn more + enroll: Your Healthiest You Group Coaching Program.

Leaning into simplicity

I’ve had this pair of Converse sneakers for probably 10 years. I love 'em because they’re a little different (you don’t see tan Chuck Taylors as often as white or black) - they’re my version of a classic. I’ve worn these shoes through many different phases of my life - high school, college, during my days as an auditor in DC, here in NYC, and through many travels.

Recently I noticed they were getting a little worn out. I tried to take this photo so you could see the holes:

Not really rainy day appropriate shoes - especially with the holes!

Not really rainy day appropriate shoes - especially with the holes!

I finally admitted that I needed to replace these shoes and started thinking about what new sneaks I’d get: What would be as effortlessly casual and go with both yoga gear and a cute dress? What would match with all the colors in my wardrobe? And of course, what would be comfortable so I could walk or bike for miles?

I actually began to stress a little bit: Would I ever find the perfect replacement sneaker??? These had served me so well.



And then it dawned on me: I can literally buy the same shoes again.

Especially in today's society, instead of being satisfied with what we have, we’re constantly looking for the next best / cool thing. “Settling” has a negative connotation. We don’t always appreciate what we have or miss what’s right in front of us because our eyes are searching elsewhere.

If you love your routine, the same old jeans or breakfast: IT’S OKAY. Sure, variety adds some spice to life but there’s no need to switch things up just for novelty’s sake.

As soon as I realized I could just buy another pair of my beloved Chucks, a weight lifted. Suddenly I didn’t have a decision to make; it was simple.



Today I want to invite you to lean into simplicity. Is there an area of your life (or wardrobe) that you’ve been unnecessarily complicating?
Ask yourself: how can I make this easy?

I think you’ll be surprised how good it feels.

I'm challenging myself to do this too, and not just with my shoes.

More quiet time = more peace

More quiet time = more peace

Here's how I'm leaning into simplicity:

  • More quiet time. Instead of scrolling on social media, watching Netflix or any other form of distraction, I'm focusing on quiet time. I'm allowing myself to just sit and breathe, to people watch or be with my thoughts, instead of always feeling like I need to be accomplishing something.
  • Cleaning on the closet. This time last year I did a HUGE closet clean out, but I still have quite a few things that don't fit my body or my lifestyle anymore (that bike-commute life requires a very specific wardrobe!). When I get home from my current travels I'm going to clean out my closet again and only keep the things that truly make me feel good RIGHT NOW. And if I love a t-shirt or pair of jeans, I'm going to let myself buy a few different colors of the same style.
  • Simple, good food. It can be easy to get overwhelmed with all the food noise out there, the latest and greatest supplements and superfoods. I'm giving myself permission to not be on top of ALL the current trends and new products, and get back to basics with food. For me this means lots of veggies, easy to digest proteins and healthy fats.
  • Go with what I love. I know what activities, places and people make me feel good, and likely you do too. I'm focusing on filling myself up with these, and not worrying about what else there is out there.

Do you see a trend here? I do ;)



Focus on what you have, what you love, and what makes you feel good.
Tune out the "noise" of everything else.

With that in mind, I'd love to hear from you: where can you lean into simplicity? What food or life choices can you make easier on yourself? Share with us all in the comments below.



Healthy Travel - Portland, Oregon

Last year around this time, I spent an epic 6 weeks on the west coast escaping the end of NYC summer and exploring all the healthy food, beautiful sights and chill vibes California and Oregon have to offer.

You can read about my California adventures here:

I ended this trip with a week in Portland, Oregon. I came to run a relay race: the infamous Hood to Coast 200-mile relay (read about my experience here: Hood To Coast Race Recap), but I ended up falling in love with Portland. Since I won't be visiting Portland for the race this year, I decided NOW would be a good time to revisit my photos and notes from that trip and document all of the awesome eats and sights I found while I was there.


  • Prasad Cafe - A vegan and gluten free cafe in the Pearl District with hearty bowls and salads, smoothies, baked goods, coffee and tea. We ate here more than once - the salads are that good!
  • Harlow - Harlow is the slightly more upscale, sister restaurant to Prasad. I didn't make it here during my trip, but I've sent a few friends and it's gotten RAVE reviews. It's 100% gluten free and vegetarian (they serve eggs here but not at Prasad).
  • The Dragonfly Coffee House - The cutest little coffee shop in NW Portland. I came here for delicious coffee (they have every type of non-dairy milk you can imagine: hemp, almond, coconut, soy) and yummy paleo baked goods (there are gluten free and vegan options too). There's both indoor and outdoor seating - I definitely wouldn't mind posting up for a few hours here to read or work on my laptop.
  • Kiva Cafe - If you're looking for the best smoothies or acai bowls in Portland, look no further. Kiva is THE SPOT. In addition to thick AF smoothies, they also make bulletproof coffee, regular coffee and tea, and delicious food. Kiva is also a spa so you can get a massage AND then enjoy THE BEST ACAI BOWL EVER after.
  • Laughing Planet Cafe - Salads, burritos, bowls and quesadillas with lots of vegan, gluten free, and paleo options. Tasty and quick!
  • Victoria Bar - We came to this bar for our pre-race team meeting - it's definitely BAR food but they've got some interesting vegan and gluten free options like Buffalo Cauliflower Wings, Fried Brussels Sprouts, a yum salad and even vegan desserts. The inside of the bar is, true to name, Victorian style, but there's also outdoor seating with big picnic tables. There are plenty of non-alcoholic beverages too - kombucha, root beer, ginger beer and mocktails.
  • The Cultured Caveman - This spot is for you paleo friends! The Cultured Caveman started out as the FIRST paleo food cart on the west coast. They've expanded to a restaurant now too where you can get all your primal needs met: bone broth, bulletproof coffee, zoodles and meatballs, grain free tacos, kombucha, paleo ice cream and more! The restaurant also serves beer and wine so it's a great date night spot!
  • Petunia's Pies and Pastries - Check out Petunia's if you're looking for a vegan and gluten free treat! Honestly, the sweets I tried were a little TOO sweet for me, but I have sensitive taste buds when it comes to sugar.
  • Zupan's Market - Does anyone else LOVE visiting health food and grocery stores as much as I do when they travel?? Zupan's is an AMAZING, upscale grocery with a number of locations across Portland. In addition to groceries, they've got fresh juice and smoothies, a good selection of prepared foods and a small (but more than adequate) salad bar. They also carry REAL GREEK YOGURT which is DA BOMB. Seriously, if you eat dairy, try their yogurt. My favorite was the Espresso flavor - so so so thick and delicious. 

And here's a few more spots that I didn't check out, but you might want to:


  • Bike the town! Portland, like so many other major cities, has a bike share program. Renting bikes is such a fun way to see the city - I highly suggest it! There are also a number of bike tour companies you can ride with.
  • Run the forest. There are a number of parks in Portland which are great for running. I stayed with a friend who lives near an entrance to Forest Park and we went for a beautiful trail run one day.
  • Get your woo-woo on a New Renaissance Bookshop - Your go-to for spiritual books, crystals, essential oils and MORE. A fun place to spend some time, if you're into this stuff.
  • Shop for local goods at MadeHere - A great store for ALL the local goodies.

Since I was about to run an intense race, I didn't do much hiking or fitness while I was in Portland, but what I DID do was awesome. I hope to visit again soon so that I can expand on this section of my travel guide :)

Just writing this post makes me want to go back! Portland is SUCH a fun, active and quirky town, and I highly recommend planning a trip if you haven't visited before. I hopefully will be back there soon too!