5 Tips to Increase Your Energy

Good morning and happy spring!  Even though it is not quite spring officially, it certainly is starting to feel like spring, which is such a relief after all the snow and the cold we have had this winter. 

Spring is a time of starting fresh, beginning new projects, and a time of rapid growth.  As the flowers start to emerge from the ground and the air begins to warm, there is a palpable buzz of energy in the air.  Here are five simpls tips to capitalize on that natural buzz of spring:

  1. Drink more water - My number one tip for increased energy is to drink more water.  This is especially important now as we transition from the dryness of winter.  Try this:  Throw a few slices of fruit and/or fresh herbs into your water bottle for a flavor (and nutrient) boost.   My favorite combination is mint and lemon - yum! 
  2. Eat seasonal fruits and vegetables - Springtime means many farmers markets are back in full swing, and all sorts of great fruits and veggies are in season: arugula, asparagus, fennel, garlic, mint, new potatoes, parsley, peas, radishes, ramps, the list goes on!  Eating in season means you are getting the freshest produce with the most nutrients.  More nutrients = more natural energy.  Score!
  3. Eat more greens - Leafy greens are the best way to fill up without feeling heavy.  Not a huge salad fan? Try adding a handful of greens to smoothies, sandwiches, stir frys, and soups.  
  4. Move your body! - Exercise!  Even if it is for only 15 minutes, try to incorporate some sort of movement into your daily routine.  Getting the heart rate up and the breath pumping floods the body with new life and flushes out toxins.  No time to go to the gym?  Try some simple exercises in the comfort of your own home.  YouTube has tons of exercise videos - from gentle yoga to high intensity interval training - there is something for everyone. 
  5. Spend time outdoors - My favorite way to beat the afternoon slump?  Go outside for a 15-30 minute walk.  Not only are fresh air and sunshine are a vital part of a healthy diet, but the short break from whatever you were working on will allow you to return focused and clear headed. 
day at the park.jpg

Incorporating just one of these tips into your daily routine will have visible results.  Once you’ve got one down, see if you can work up to all five, and watch your energy levels soar!

What is your favorite way to boost your energy naturally?