Full Moon in Scorpio April 2018

Tonight there is a full moon in Scorpio. I am by no means an expert, but I have recently gotten into learning more about what's going on energetically with the cycles of the moon and zodiac. This full moon feels particularly special to me (more on that below!) so I wanted to share a little more about this energy and how you can best use it for growth. 


What's up with full moons?

Full moons are times for completing, sharing and illuminating. The moon literally acts as a "giant cosmic spotlight" shedding light on things that may have been in secret or shadow previously.

I feel this on an energetic level (this is usually the time of the month when I want to go out more and be with friends, and sometimes even have trouble sleeping), but also practically it makes sense to me. Way back when (before modern electricity!) the full moon was the brightest night of the month, making it an ideal time to stay up later and socialize.


and what about scorpio?

Scorpio is the deepest, darkest sign of the zodiac that wants to bring secrets to life: It carries the energy death and rebirth, of transformation on all levels.

Scorpio also rules the excretory system and the bowels, making this full moon an excellent time to "let shit go" (whether that's a fear, belief system or habit) so that you can process these old fears, belief systems or habits, and step into the next level of you.


what i'm doing to ride the energy of this full moon

When I read about this full moon I intuitively knew that TONIGHT would be the perfect time for me to share about my new website {if you're new here, welcome!}.

Updating my website was not simply about getting a new layout and updated photos, but rather about stepping into a new stage of business, and since my business is ME, a next level of me. A next level of sharing my lessons and my truth, my passion and my JOY. A next level of letting go of that which does not serve me, and creating space for that which does. In working on this website upgrade I really dug deep and asked myself some challenging questions like:

  • What is the purpose of this online home?
  • Who is the ideal reader and client that I want to connect with?
  • What is my unique message, and how does that differ and complement the work I do with Robyn and Your Healthiest You?
  • What's the bigger vision I have for my work (and myself) for the next few years?

And even as I started to answer these questions, and the technical pieces fell into place, I wasn't feeling ready to share this new version of me until now. Until tonight.

It took a lot of quiet time with self before feeling ready to share this website

It took a lot of quiet time with self before feeling ready to share this website



You don't have to launch a website to use the energy of this full moon! Here are a few prompts that you can journal or meditate on to ride the energy of the next few days:

  • Is there a part of my life (a situation or relationship) or part of my personality that I've been ignoring? Why is it a challenge for me to look at this?
  • What habits, thought patterns or belief systems am I ready to let go of? How can I start to do this?
  • Is there something I've been hiding or kept a secret that needs to be shared?

More than anything else, I encourage you to use this time to think about WHO you want to be. And even more than that, who you know you are, but maybe haven't fully landed in yet.


Hungry for more? Here are a few additional resources for maximizing the potential of this moon:

  • Detox your digestive system (remember, Scorpio rules this area - time to literally let shit go!) with this FREE 3 day reset program: Good Gut Reset
  • Listen to this guided meditation with Reiki from Organically, Jamie
  • Tune into this podcast for weekly energy reports with one of my personal mentors, Rebecca Conran



Do you feel the phases of the moon or zodiac shifts?
Let us know in the comments below!