This is more important than WHAT you eat...

The past two weeks we focused on WHAT to eat - the specific foods you want to fill your plate with to feel energized and satisfied after every meal.

But guess what - you can follow the exact formula I shared and STILL feel bloated, too-full and BLAH after meals.

Why? Because WHAT you eat is only half of the equation.


The other half, and, from my experience with myself and working with clients, the more important part is HOW you eat.

Specifically, CHEWING!

Yes, chewing.  We all do it, and do it often.  What does this have to do with feeling good and being your healthiest self? Well most of us, myself included, do not chew our food nearly enough.  We talk while eating, rush through meals, and eat on the go.  So what? Chewing food thoroughly is one SUPER EASY yet important change you can make to loose weight, settle stomach issues, and feel GREAT overall.

Here's why chewing is so important:

- Chew more, eat less - When you chew your food slowly and thoroughly you end up eating less. Your body's natural hunger cues have more time to kick in and signal you to stop eating when you are actually full (versus 30 minutes later, as is what normally happens if you rush through a meal).

Digestion begins in your mouth - We have teeth for a reason people! The mouth is food's first stop in the digestive process - the teeth are there to breakdown food to a point where it can be easily processed by the rest of the system.  Also, the saliva in your mouth contains digestive enzymes which further aid in digestion.  If you don't chew your food, that's more work on the belly, which can result in bloating, cramping, etc. 

Enjoy every bite - Thoroughly chewing each bite of food causes you to slow down and reflect on what you are eating.  You will be more likely to only eat things you LOVE and that make you FEEL GREAT.

Here are a few tips to amp up your chewing practice:

1. Chew until your food is liquid - Don't think too much about it, just chew every bite until it becomes liquid.  Having a juice, smoothie, or blended soup? Chew it too!  It may feel weird, but you want the food to stay in your mouth for some time so that the digestive enzymes in your saliva can get to work!

2. Put your fork down in between bites - Resist the urge to put more food in  your mouth until the current bite is done.  Focus on each bite until you have chewed it completely, and then pick up your fork for your next bite.  

Now, here's your homework for this week: Pick ONE meal (or snack!) to practice your chewing. Slow down and just let yourself focus on chewing the food in front of you.

And then I want to hear from you! How did it go? Was it easy? Hard? Is there a certain food you noticed you needed to chew more? A food maybe you don't like as much as you thought you did? Leave a comment below.

3 Tips for a Healthy Holiday Season

Hello December and hello holiday season! Today I'm sharing with you my favorite no-fuss tips to feel your absolute best through the holidays. Because there is so much going on this time of year (cocktail hours and office parties! visiting family and friends!), we often forget to take time for ourselves. 

The truth is, when we forget to take care of our bodies, we aren't able to fully show up to everything else in life. As a result, we feel stressed, anxious, and even angry during what is supposed to be a joyous and celebratory time. So do yourself (and your loved ones!) a favor and make that time for yourself every single day. 

Here are my top tips to feel your BEST this holiday season:

1. Start your day with ME time - Begin each day with meditation and exercise. This doesn't have to be anything crazy! 1 minute of breathing and 5 minutes of movement is enough to get your blood moving and energy pumped! 

2. Eat a balanced breakfast - When you make good food choices in the AM, you are more likely to continue those choice throughout the rest of the day. This also leaves room for "treats" later in the day - maybe those Christmas cookies your co-worker brought in or a festive drink at happy hour. I love a green smoothie, but oatmeal and eggs with veggies are other great options.

3. Chew your food - Chewing each bite of food helps us slow down and savor, not only the meal but also the moment! Take deep breaths and engage your senses - see, smell, hear whats going on and soak it all in.

Try one or all of these tips, and let me know how they work for you! I'd love to hear how you feel in the comments below!