Urban Backpacker Travels: Miami

Okay so I've been pretty bad at keeping up the blog lately.  I'm not making excuses but like I mentioned in my previous post (over a month ago!), work was crazy busy and monopolizing my life.  This continued through April and into May, but things really should slow down now so I hope to get back to posting more frequently, especially since the weather is beautiful now and I have lots of fun adventures planned over the upcoming months.

Let's rewind a bit: three weeks ago I was lucky enough to go to Miami for work.  While most of the week was spent in the classroom, I did get to explore a bit and would love to share some of my adventures.

First, let's talk lodging.  I was traveling with a group for a work training, so I did not get to pick the hotel, but I was very pleased with my firm's choice:  Kimpton's Epic Miami. This was probably the nicest hotel I had ever stayed in while traveling for work (not saying we don't stay in nice places, but this hotel was really nice!).  Highlights: a different fruit infused water in the lobby every day (hello hydration!), yoga mats in every room, an Exhale mind body spa located in the hotel, and bath products that were both organic and cruelty free.  Needless to say, I felt like I was on vacation!  My room had a balcony, so most evenings I did some yoga in the sunshine looking out over the water.  One night I decided to check out a yoga class at Exhale, and I was not disappointed.  The class, taught by Eben, was physically challenging but also super calming.  Since I was with work, meals were provided during the day, and I usually had plenty to choose from - lots of fresh fruit for breakfast, and always some sort of salad for lunch. I was surprised to see dragon fruit on the buffet a few mornings- I definitely scooped that right up! Thank you antioxidants!

As I mentioned, most meals were provided through work, but I did find a few veg-friendly spots for when I was on my own for eats:

-10 Fruits- This juice and smoothie spot was just 1/2 mile from my hotel, so I stopped here a few mornings after my run.  I tried the Back to Work and Stay Green juices, which were good but not great (I'm spoiled by Organic Avenue's seriously good juices here in NYC. And my own concoctions, obviously).  I did however love their Brazil nut milk. I love to make my own, and this tasted similar - simple and pure with only a bit of vanilla and cinnamon for natural sweetness.  I didn't get a chance to try the Acai bowls at 10 Fruits, but if I'm ever back in Miami I would love to!

-Choices Vegan Cafe- Choices (Downtown) is a super cute spot with just what the name implies- lots of vegan choices!  I clearly found something for me since I came here twice during my short time in Miami!  The first time I tried the Deluxe Pesto Wrap on a bed of quinoa and one of their Cookie Dough balls. While the dish did not look like much, it was delicious and exactly the wholesome meal I needed.  The second time around, I got The Refresher juice with apple and The Everything Salad (minus the Daiya cheese).  The juice was phenomenal, not too sweet and really refreshing.  The salad was also amazing, and HUGE. The only thing I wasn't a fan of was the veggie chorizo, but then again I'm never really a fan of fake meat products.  If I am ever in Miami again, I will definitely hit up Choices - I would love to try their breakfast (offered every day!) and one of their smoothies. 

Overall, Miami was a great little getaway even though I was technically working.  I got to meet some awesome people that I will be spending quite a bit of time with this summer, and got to check out a few of the local veg spots.

Next post I'll recap my more recent trip to Vegas and the Wonderful World of Disney (aka Orlando).  Until then, hope everyone is getting outside on this beautiful spring day!