Do you have this on your calendar?

There are a lot of things no one teaches you about being an adult. Even though I've technically been an adult for well over a decade, and living on my own and supporting myself for almost as long, the last year has been one of deep lessons truly learning what it means to be a grown up human.

Even though the lessons are sometimes tough, it's actually pretty cool to go through this evolution and learn that I can create my own schedule, my own reality, my own best life (and you can too).

Something that's come up for me recently as well as a number of my clients is the idea of creating time for real fun and adventure.

While many of us travel and go on vacations and have time off work, all that stuff isn't always FUN. It certainly can be, but sometimes your annual family beach vacation (or your kid's soccer tournament in North Carolina, or your college roommate's wedding on Long Island) isn't what your soul needs.

Soul needs.png

Even as adults we need fun and adventure. We need things to look forward to. We need time to just be ourselves and not just our commitments and our responsibilities.

So my question for you is this: Do you have something that you're looking forward to on your calendar this month? And taking it a step further, do you have something scheduled that you're excited about every month for the next few months?

I live by my Google calendar and I have a daily planner, but I still like to have a monthly calendar I hang on my wall. On this calendar goes the most important dates, events and birthdays.

Each time I turn to a new month, I have the opportunity to zoom out and ask myself: what does this month look like as a whole? Is there something I'm really, truly looking forward to on the horizon? Or am I simply filling my time with tasks, to-dos and commitments.

We all have the same number of hours in a day, same number of days in a week, same number of weeks in a year. But what you do with this time is up to you.

Not every moment is going to be perfectly productive or supremely relaxing or exactly aligned with your goals and dreams. We all have things we do that are for our jobs, or our families or our friends. Those things can be wonderful too, but I want to encourage you to make sure that you're making time for you. What lights YOU up. What leaves you feeling fulfilled and energized and happy.

The end of spring is a perfect time to look at the season ahead and plan. For many of us, summer is lighter on the "work" front, and there are more opportunities to get away or travel or reconnect with friends.

Aim to have least one thing that you're looking forward to on your calendar each month. It doesn't have to be a week vacation or retreat, but perhaps it's as simple as a day trip or show or special dinner with a close friend you haven't seen in awhile.

And once you've decided what you're going to do - schedule it out in advance. All the other to-dos, commitments and responsibilities can then be planned around that thing that truly is most important.


So what's on my calendar for the next few months?

I'm going to Maine for a week at the end of the month. It's my happy place and I'm so looking forward to cozy morning fires in our house in the woods, doing the crossword puzzle and baking with my grandma, long walks on the beach and fresh ocean air.

And in June I have the pleasure of putting on two retreats. Yes, these are technically work for me, but I am truly excited for more time outside of the city, an excuse to do lots of yoga and eat really healthy food, and to connect with many of you!

If you're looking for a fun summer adventure to put on your calendar, check out these two retreats. Both are going to be nourishing in so many ways and I'd love to have you join us:

June 6-9 / Summer Self Care Retreat in the Catskills

If you have any questions about either of these experience, shoot me a message and I'll respond as soon as I can.

Whether your soul needs a retreat, a fun night our or a long, hot bath, make time for it. I've said this before and I will likely say it again, but when you take care of yourself and fill yourself up, you're better able to show up for everyone else in your life. Sometimes it can feel like you'll fall behind if you take time off work, or that you're being a bad parent if you leave for a weekend but the opposite it true.

When we show up for ourselves, we encourage everyone else around us to do the same and ultimately THAT is what makes this world a better place.

Let's hang out IRL! (upcoming retreats + classes)

I've been doing a TON of self reflection lately, on my life but also on my business and career (because especially with what I do, the two are so intricately connected). And while I'm still not completely sure where this next phase will take me, there are two things I know for sure:

  1. I'll be doing more teaching and in person events AND

  2. I want to build my schedule in a way that I have more quiet time, more time to digest (both literally and metaphorically) and more time in nature.

Which is why I'm thrilled to share some AWESOME upcoming opportunities for us to hang out in real life, all of which provide plenty of SPACE for us all to simply be and breathe.


SUMMER SELF CARE RETREAT - June 6-9 @ the Catskills - Join me and fellow yoga instructor + massage therapist, Gretchen Williams, for a weekend of self care in the magnificent Catskill Mountains. This is for you if you're looking for an intimate, restorative weekend filled with yoga and healthy food. Space is limited.

Learn more + register here: Summer Self Care Retreat with Emily + Gretchen


GO WITH YOUR GUT RETREAT - June 21-23 @ Kripalu in Stockbridge, Massachusetts - Join me and Robyn for a FUN + informative weekend at Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health. This weekend is for you if you're a fan of Robyn's work (her books Go with Your Gut and Thin From Within) or if you've been wanting to dive deeper into your own gut health and healing journey. This will be a larger retreat, so it's an awesome opportunity to bring a friend or family member, or make some new connections.

Learn more + register here: Go with Your Gut Retreat at Kripalu


FLOW + RESTORE YOGA - (almost) every Friday 8-9:30PM @ Jewel City Yoga - 90 minutes of yoga is a commitment for sure, but what I've loved about teaching this class for the last few weeks is the SPACE that this longer format allows. We flow and build up some heat, and then we slow things down with some juicy restorative postures. I always include meditation, breathwork and some Katonah yoga theory in my classes, so you'll get both a mind and body workout in this class.

Sign up online or via ClassPass. **check the schedule as I will be traveling some this summer and not teaching every single week**

I'm also assisting regular classes at The Studio as part of the Katonah yoga apprenticeship I'm doing there. Follow me on Instagram to stay updated on which classes I'll be assisting.

While that's all for now, there will certainly be more IRL (in real life) opportunities for us to hang out in the future, and you all will always be the first to know what's happening!

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions about any of the events above. I hope to see some of you at one or more of these happenings this summer!

PS. You may have noticed but I've been a little quieter here the last few weeks. It's not that I don't have things I want to teach and share (I do! So much!), but right now my #1 priority is focusing on my health, which means writing and even some of my business work has been put on the back burner. I'm trusting that this will shift as things progress with my healing, and I appreciate your support and understanding along the way

WELLVYL Work Out The Kinks Event Recap

Last week I had the opportunity to teach a very cool, very different class with my friends at Wellvyl and it was a *HUGE* success. I know many of you weren't able to make the class, so I wanted to share a quick recap of the event as well as some awesome photos that were taken.

If you are not familiar with Wellvyl, they are a cool new biz here in NYC that organizes fitness classes, healthy happy hours, and dinner parties that allow people to meet and mingle while doing an activity that’s good for the body and mind. I love this concept (read more here: How Working Out is the New Going Out) and so I was super excited when Wellvyl approached me wanting to partner for an event.

Since the whole purpose of Wellvyl is to get people to meet and mingle, we decided a partner-style yoga class would be a perfect fit! I had never taught anything along these lines before the class. I had a blast researching and planning out a sequence that would facilitate conversation and connection throughout the night, but I was also nervous to teach since this was totally outside my comfort zone!

Here's what went down the night of the event:

6:15-6:45PM - Guests started to arrive at the gorgeous Blue Jean Studio in Chelsea. We enjoyed drinks and snacks courtesy of our sponsors: Bai, Harmless Harvest, and Aloha.

6:45-7:00PM - Welcome and introductions. Part of the fun was that we all also took on a "kinky" persona for the night, based on a favorite yoga pose. Mine was Twisted Dancer :)

7:00-8:15PM - Yoga time!! Before class, I offered everyone a little Ylang Ylang essential oil which is said to be a natural aphrodisiac. We then began class with some exercises aimed to warm up those areas of the body where we hold the most tension - our hips, shoulders, wrists, and ankles. We finished our warm up with a few sun salutations and then it was play time!

First, we practiced poses where we needed to get in touch with our selves - balancing poses! I encouraged the class to have fun with these, and not to worry if they fell out of a pose. Balance is all about getting back up, not being perfect 100% of the time.

We then moved on to our partner poses. These postures required communication, trust and a hefty dose of PLAY. I think everyone was surprised at what they were able to do with their partners when they just gave it a try!

Finally, we broke into "threesomes" for a few more poses. Honestly, I wasn't sure how these would work, but everyone did great and more importantly, had FUN while trying out some more difficult postures. There were plenty of laughs along the way.

We ended class back on our individual mats for a well-deserved savasana made even more blissful with my homemade Lavender essential oil spray.

After class, we all circled back up for more snacks and to share about our experience. Here are just a few things participants had to say:

"I feel so much lighter in my body and in my mind!"

"I feel better about humanity in general after that class."

"I haven't laughed so hard in YEARS."

"I can't believe I got into that pose!! AMAZING!"


Hearing these words reminded me WHY I practice and teach yoga - it's not about being "in shape" or finding nirvana - it's about connection. Connection to ourselves, connection to those around us, connection to the present moment. Real connection is something we crave in today's society, and I'm not talking about followers on Instagram or likes on Facebook. I'm talking about the eye-to-eye or hand-in-hand moments when you really see or feel someone else. This real connection was something we experienced last week. Thank you Wellvyl for doing what you do and for letting me be a part of it.


Thank you to the Wellvyl team for putting together such an amazing event. Thank you to our sponsors: Bai, Harmless Harvest, and ALOHA. Thank you to Kyle Phillips and Kristin Rafael for capturing the photos of the event featured in this post.

Beating the Blues - Essential Oils + Yoga Event Recap

Last night I had the pleasure of co-hosting another Essential Oils and Yoga workshop with the lovely Amy Jarosky, of Healthy Vices, at Athleta Flatiron.  I know many of you could not make it to the event in person, so I wanted to share some of the information we discussed last night here. 

Hold up, what are essential oils? Essential oils are natural aromatic compounds found in the seeds, bark, stems, roots, flowers, and other parts of plants. They've been used throughout history for their medical and therapeutic benefits. If you have ever enjoyed the scent of roses or smelled fresh herbs, you have experienced the aromatic qualities of essential oils. Based on the oil, they can also be used topically or internally. (Note: we both use doTERRA oils as these are Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade and represent the safest, purest, and most beneficial oils available today).

During our class last night, Amy and I shared the most popular doTERRA essential oils PLUS some of our favorites for lifting your spirit and feeling great through this cold, dark time of year. 

Here are a few we talked about last night:

Balance - Feeling a little unsteady or scattered? Rub a drop of Balance onto the bottoms of your feet before class to feel more grounded. 

Lavender - Make an aromatherapy spray to keep the calm of savasana with you throughout your day: mix 5 drops of lavender with 4 oz of water in a spray bottle. Or rub a drop onto the bottoms of your feet before bed to promote relaxation and rest. 

- OnGuard - Your natural protective blend (goodbye colds and flu!)! Place a drop on your hands and breathe in, or add to hot water for sore throat relief. 

- Wild Orange - A great oil to boost your mood. I love diffusing this in my home, or rubbing a drop between my hands for an instant lift in spirits. 


I'm constantly discovering a new favorite oil, or a new favorite way to use an oil.  If you are interested in learning more about the oils and uses, feel free to reach out to me, I'm more than happy to answer your questions!

Ready to try these yourself?  Purchase doTERRA essential oils here (select "Shop").  

THANK YOU to everyone who came out last night, and THANK YOU to our sponsors - Athleta and Lulitonix. 

StressLESS Summer Event Recap

Hi everyone!  I did a digital detox while on vacation last week, so this post is long overdue, but hope you will enjoy hearing about the event Amy Jarosky and I hosted two weeks ago at Athleta Flatiron: StressLESS Summer with Essential Oils and Yoga.  We had an absolute BLAST and great feedback from those who participated. 

Here's how we chilled out at this event:

7PM- Folks started to arrive.   Amy and I introduced the doTERRA essential oils and went through some of the most popular oils and common uses. We highlighted the many ways doTERRA essential oils can be used to manage stress.  Some of my personal favorite stress-busting oils are:

  • Serenity - A soothing blend with lavender, sandalwood, and vanilla.  I put a drop of this on the bottoms of my feet at night for deep, restful sleep!
  • Grapefruit - Uplifting and energizing, this oil is great if you are feeling down and need a boost!  Place a drop on your hands and breathe in or put a drop in your water for a delicious treat!
  • Balance - A grounding blend with spruce, frankincense, and chamomile.  I love to use this one if I’m feeling anxious or before something important, like teaching a class or giving a presentation.

Everyone got a chance to try the oils and we even had a few introductory kits to sell.  These kits contain a 5ML bottle of lavendar, peppermint, and lemon - the three most popular oils!  This is such a great way to “get your feet wet” with doTERRA essential oils. 

8PM - We began to settle down.  I taught my favorite calming breath technique - a simple exercise that you can do anyways to de-stress.  There was a recording of this in my latest newsletter -if you didn’t get it, shoot me a message and I’ll send the recording your way =)  We then moved into a 60-minute stress-busting yoga class.  We did a challenging sequence (to bring the mind back to the present moment) followed by some long, deep hip openers and forward folds (which are very soothing). 

9PM - From savasana to smoothies - After my class, we all enjoyed delicious smoothies featuring the ALOHA Daily Good Chocolate blend (YUM!).  We had a bunch of raffles - an Athleta gift card, a yoga mat, and goodie bags from Amy and me with our favorite stress-busting products PLUS free sessions with us!  


THANK YOU to everyone who came out to this event - you guys rocked and we had such a fun time with you.  And THANK you to our sponsors - Athelta and ALOHA - YOU ROCK!

Want to learn more about essential oils? Email me at for more information and a personalized recommendation.  Ready to shop?  Purchase oils and kits here!

Also, for my NYC friends, Amy and I are hosting a SHOPPING PARTY at Athleta Flatiron this Monday 8/24 from 5-7PM. The ENTIRE store will be 25% off, plus we will have smoothies and fun giveaways.  Email me at to RSVP.