What I've been leaning into

The last few weeks have been particularly intense for me. Between my grandma passing, my brother getting engaged (!!!) and spending the last week in Sedona with my parents, I’ve literally been feeling ALL the feels.

What’s been helping me through it all is allowing myself a ton of space to simply BE.

I’ve been leaning on those self care practices that give me space: acupuncture, meditation, down time, long walks and runs, and Universal Health Principles (UHP) sessions.


I haven’t shared a lot about UHP here lately but it’s an integral part of both my coaching work and personal self care practice because it does provide such space and such deep peace (something that I don’t always find even in a yoga class or spa day).

So what is UHP?

UHP is a mind body healing modality. As a certified UHP practitioner, I have been trained to use muscle testing to tap into the body’s innate ability to heal itself.

Your body WANTS you to feel good. It wants you to be focused, energized and comfortable in your skin.

While a lot of the coaching work I do focuses on the left brain and conscious mind (eat this, do this workout, take this supplement, etc), UHP session work more with the body and subconscious mind, uncovering belief systems and thought patterns that may be holding you back from becoming your next level of you.

A session feels like a deep meditation - I LOVE giving and receiving UHP sessions before bed because I always sleep SO soundly.


I bring UHP sessions into my coaching (both 1:1 coaching and the work I do with Robyn in the Rockstar Coaching Collective group) but I’ve decided to open up a few more regular spots for just UHP.

No need to sign up for a whole coaching program or purchase a package. This is an awesome opportunity to experience this special practice and see if working with me (and UHP) is something that would be supportive for you.

Limited space for single sessions are available - through the end of the month it’s $80 for a 30-40 minute session (which will be held virtually via Zoom video conferencing).

Learn more about UHP here.

To book, email me and I'll be touch with details on payment and scheduling.