On leaving NYC

Earlier this year it became clear to me that my time in NYC was coming to an end.

I moved here almost 6 years ago, and while there's SO much I love about the city, there's also so much that feels misaligned with what I want for my future.

So like the good planner that I am I immediately came up with my exit strategy and timeline. At the time I thought my lease was up at the end of October, and there were also some big changes with my work happening around then (will share more on that soon!), so that felt like the right time to pack up and move on.

I started telling all my friends and family that I was leaving NYC this year. I even put it on my online dating profile (yeah... as you can imagine that fact didn't get me the kind of dates that I wanted).

I won't go into the details but SO much has changed since that decision a few months back. And as fall quickly approached I found myself completely torn about the move: I still don't see myself here long term, but October feels too soon.

There are still things I want to do and experience and learn from this city. The anxiety started to build the more and more I looked at my calendar and the weeks between TODAY and October began to dwindle.

A few weeks back I was meeting with on my teachers. As I talked to her about this predicament, she listened (for awhile!) and then gave me some very good advice.

She said "Emily, the best time to make a transition is when you're ahead. When you've felt like you've achieved or learned or experienced what you needed to from a specific person or situation. It's better to leave on good terms."

And then I realized: If I left NYC in October, I'd be rushing it. I'd be running away. In the grand scheme of things, a few months is nothing. And there is NO RUSH.


This can be applied to any goal or wish. Really, what's the rush in getting there? If you hurry yourself through the process, you'll likely miss some of the lessons, magical moments and key connections that will energetically propel you into your next level, whatever and wherever that may be.

It's not failing if you change your plan, your dream or your timeline, especially if it allows you to feel more peace.

We cannot co create with the universe (or with our higher selves) when we have a strict agenda. Sure, having a dream or plan or timeline is helpful, but we need to keep our eyes, ears and palms open to new opportunities, information, and insight that comes to us along the way.

So let this be your reminder for you that there is no rush. You have plenty of time. There's no prize in getting "there" (that next relationship, the better job, the new hometown) the fastest. You can take your sweet time.

Here's to going slow.