Popular posts + recipes

Every so often I look at my newsletter, blog and Instagram statistics. I don't let this dictate my business, but I do find the results interesting and I take into account which topics or recipe types are performing well when planning out future content.

I left my job in corporate accounting 4.5 years ago because I wanted to do something I was passionate about. I also wanted to feel like I was making a difference and helping people. So deciding what to share here is an interesting balance - I of course consider what you all are interested in hearing or learning about, but what I write is also heavily influenced by what I WANT to write.

And when those two things sync up, when the posts my soul tells me to write get a lot of traffic and engagement, well, I consider that success.

This week I started drafting my editorial calendar for the rest of the summer and fall. I'm working to build more structures into my business (instead of just waiting until the inspiration hits me) and so creating and following an editorial calendar is one thing I'm doing towards that goal.

During this planning process I reviewed my stats (in addition to your feedback from my community survey earlier this year - so helpful!), looking back at almost 9 months of newsletters, blogs and Instagram posts.

Below I've shared the most popular posts in each category for 2019.

It was fun for me to re-read these posts - they're great recipes and reminders - so I hope they'll be useful for you too, especially if you're new here and didn't catch the original posts.

It was also super interesting to see the themes across this popular content. You all love paleo recipes, vulnerable shares about life and entrepreneurship and gut health. Seems about right based on who I am and what I'm currently into ;)

Here are my most popular newsletters, recipes and Instagram posts of 2019:

Most popular posts (based on email open rate):

Most popular recipes (based on page views):

Most popular Instagram posts (based on engagement):

Whether you're interested in the biz behind the scenes or not, I hope you'll enjoy looking back on these shares as much as I did!