Loving Lately // Winter 2019

As a way to share my favorites with you on a regular basis, I created the "Things I'm Loving Lately" series on my blog. In this series I share everything from food to fitness, brands to beauty products, good reads to good listens.

We’re still very much in winter in NYC - every year it comes as a surprise to me that March is still winter. I always considered myself a spring baby, but I’m learning that spring doesn’t come until at least April here in the Northeast. So today in honor of the season, and my birthday (it’s tomorrow!) I'm sharing some of things that I've been loving on this season.

Here's what I'm currently craving and crushing on: 


Smoothies are usually the last thing I recommend in the winter - they’re cooling and typically the ingredients are not in season this time of year. But for some reason this simple smoothie is really working for me for breakfast right now. So I’m GOING WITH IT! And loving every sweet sip.

Get the recipe here: My Simple Green Smoothie



I’ve been drinking celery juice almost every morning on an empty stomach for the last few weeks. I haven’t experienced any health miracles yet but my digestion definitely feels better and it’s been a great way to reduce my caffeine intake (and kick the morning off on a GREEN, veggie filled way).

Celery juice is one of the newest health trends, but it’s healing qualities are nothing new. I’m planning to write a blog post about the topic once I have a little more self experimentation under my metaphorical belt!



Like with the smoothies, fruit isn’t something I typically reach for this time of year. But my body has been craving it so I’ve listened.

I’m having bananas (and sometimes frozen wild blueberries) in my morning smoothies, and snacking on apples, blood oranges, grapes and pomegranate seeds. YUM! I definitely have noticed fewer sugar cravings since including more naturally sweet fruits in my diet.


Book, blog or podcast: The Star Community

This is not technically any one of these things BUT it does fall under the learning and self development umbrella, which is why I’m including it here.

The Star Community is an astrology membership program created by Debra Silverman for individuals who want to learn more about the signs, stars and planets on a regular basis. It’s been really fun to be a part of this group and expand my knowledge through the library of informative videos and live Q&A calls.

I’ll definitely be sharing more about my explorations in astrology (I get SO many questions emailed in and from my clients!) here soon so stay tuned!

For now, check out these posts and resources to learn more:


Essential oil: CYPRESS

This is another oil that my acupuncturist recommended for me - Cypress (as with many of the woody oils like cedarwood and vetiver) helps combat dampness in the body.

If you have a heavy or damp body type already (tendency toward oily skin, weight gain and depression), this may be an awesome oil for you, especially during this damp time of year. I use it as part of my nightly essential oil protocol, which I’m open to sharing more about in another blog post if you’re interested!

To learn more + purchase oils, head to www.emilynachazel.com/essential-oils.


Workout or self care: Daily meditation

I’m on 67 days of meditation and counting and feeling beyond proud of myself for this accomplishment. I lost my daily meditation practice back around the holidays and I FELT it. So in January I committed to using the Calm meditation app and I'm happy to say I've been meditating daily ever since.

My past "streak" using any app was 21 days so where I'm at now feels really big. And I don't plan on stopping anytime soon... I love that there’s a new meditation each day so I just open the app and hit play.


What are YOU loving lately? Let me know in the comments below!