Lessons from Sedona

Last Tuesday Robyn asked me to share my insights or takeaways from my trip to Sedona with our Rockstar Coaching Collective ladies. I did tons of self reflection during the trip, but as soon as I got back to NYC I jumped into a full weekend yoga training at The Studio and didn’t truly have time to process the experience and my thoughts around it.

As I’ve shared before, creating time and space to “digest” experiences is just as important as creating time and space to digest your food. It’s all connected.


In addition, verbalizing any reflections, goals, visions, worries or fears with someone else is powerful because it allows those things space to live outside your head. With the more positive pieces (visions, dreams, wishes, intentions), sharing allows others to see those things for you and sort of “co-manifest” - once they know your goals, they can see where they might be able to help you out, hold you accountable, or simply remind you of whatever it is when something else distracts you.

With the fears and worries - divulging helps dissipate the energy, and also allows space for compassion, empathy and support from others. SO often the things that bring us down the most are things that we keep inside, and once we say it out loud we realize “Oh, it’s not that bad!” or we realize that it’s okay to ask for help.

Because my experience last week with the Rockstar women was so powerful (for both me and the women in the group), today I’m sharing some of of the insights I had on my Sedona vacation.


Insight 1: Don’t underestimate the importance of personal space (especially for my highly sensitive peeps!)

I know how important personal space is for me, but it seems like I’m constantly put in situations (or I put myself in situations) where I have an opportunity to learn it again (and again and again).

Some of you may have seen on Instagram, but our first few nights in Sedona I was sharing a studio room with my parents, where I was sleeping on a pull out couch adjacent to their bed and the kitchenette. For some people this might have been okay, but for me it was not.

There was no where for any of us to go if we wanted privacy or quite time, and no boundaries between any of the spaces (their space, my space, the communal space).

Again, for some people this tight space might have been okay. For me, with my parents (and likely with MOST people) it’s not. I need my own space, when it’s anything longer than a weekend. NOTED for future.

How I tried to create personal space with couch cushions in our tiny studio. We moved to a bigger room half way through the week and it made SUCH a big different.

How I tried to create personal space with couch cushions in our tiny studio. We moved to a bigger room half way through the week and it made SUCH a big different.

Insight 2: There’s not always a lightening bolt moment.

Sedona is known to be a magical, healing place. Pretty much everyone who had visited told me “You’re going to have the BEST time. It’s such a magical place.”

I think I was expecting to show up and physically feel this life-changing vibration, but I didn’t.

The stuff going on in my family didn’t miraculously shift. The challenges going on in my own brain didn’t either.

And I realized healing doesn’t always happen in a miraculous way, just like insights or big ideas don’t ALWAYS come in one dramatic flash. Change can happen in small ways, over time.

Sure the dramatic moments exist: Love at first sight, lightening bolt AHA moment, a song that triggers a memory and a wave of cathartic tears. But most of the time it’s small, gradual shifts that create real change.

Those small changes are what I noticed on this trip. He acted differently. I reacted differently. She said something differently. There wasn’t a 180 with anything, and that’s totally okay.

Insight 3: Nature is so healing

Healers and healing practices (like yoga or meditation) are great. But there’s something so fundamentally healing about nature - maybe it’s the space, maybe it’s the quite, but simply BEING with trees (or sky, or sun or ocean) is sometimes enough.

So note to self: MORE NATURE IN MY LIFE!

Me feeling calm and clear after a hard (but beautiful) hike!

Me feeling calm and clear after a hard (but beautiful) hike!

Insight 4: When you feel safe in your body you’re able to handle the harder situations.

This was less of an aha moment, but rather an aha that dropped IN.

I teach people to treat their bodies as their homes. To take care of this place, to be comfortable in it, to make peace with it. But this still isn’t something I feel all the time myself.

I KNEW it in my head, but it hadn’t dropped down into my being until this trip.

One night of the trip (while still in the small space) things were hard. There was an argument, some not nice things were said. I was hurt and angry.

In the past, I’d choose to escape - go for a run, watch a show, make food, work, etc. Avoid the feelings for fear that they were too much for me to handle.

This time instead of avoiding my feelings, I chose to go IN to the discomfort and pain. I did some yoga (mostly child’s pose) and connected to my breath.

I heard the mantra: I am safe in my body. And more than heard it, I FELT it.

And I realized I was safe. I could feel the tough feelings, but not let them consume me.

Insight 5: Sometimes people or situations are meant to teach us how not to act or what not to do in the future.

This is a cliche saying but I GOT IT. There were some pieces of the trip that didn’t go as planned or how I would have liked. Instead of getting resentful or angry, I allowed myself to see the lesson.

In the future, I won’t book a flight like this.

In the future, I won’t agree to these sleeping arrangements.

In the future, I won’t eat that food.

Instead of stewing on the less than perfect present moment, I saw the thing that felt off and THANKED situation for it’s lesson, and thanked myself for being able to see that lesson.

I didn’t listen to my gut and this meal didn’t settle right. NOTED for future.

I didn’t listen to my gut and this meal didn’t settle right. NOTED for future.

Insight 6: There’s a BIG shift happening within me.

And it’s TERRIFYING. But it’s also so precious and I don’t want to miss out on this opportunity to get clearer on who I am and what I want out of life.

I’ve been feeling this for a few months now - like there’s a re-working of my insides happening. I know that some big changes are coming in my life this year, but right now it feels more like the shift is happening within me.

The outward direction of my ship isn’t completely changing, but the inner compass is recalibrating… and the destination will be different over time.

This became even more clear to me on this trip, and it’s why I’ve felt the need to disconnect from social media, to have more quite time, and to spend more time with ME.

Insight 7: I AM tuned into myself.

Towards the end of the trip I met with a psychic. She was recommended by a friend and *almost* everything she said felt spot on but nothing was WOAH OMG.

After sharing this with the Rockstar group, I had the insight: Wow, cool, I AM tuned into myself.

I do a lot of self work, I spend a lot of time journaling and being introspective. It’s cool to see that that works and that I can trust my intuition and myself.

I know myself! Cool!

I know myself! Cool!

Well there you have it folks - my 7 insights from 7 days in Sedona.

I’d love to hear if anything I shared above resonated with you - leave a comment below and let me know!

And if you’re curious to read more about what I did on the trip, check out this post: Sedona Travel Guide.