2019 Community Survey (+ essential oil gift!)

Being an entrepreneur and running your own business means you get to make the rules: you decide what your work looks like, what you create and who you serve.

A few months ago I came to the decision that I wanted to do more in person events and step back into teaching regular yoga classes. This has been SO rewarding so far. 

While it's been amazing to connect with many of you who are local to NYC through yoga and other events, I also want to continue to cultivate this online community. I've seen first hand the power of the internet to connect like-minded people across continents and time zones, mostly through my work with Robyn and the Rockstar Coaching Collective group we've created.

Rockstar is incredible in so many ways but one of the things I enjoy most is getting to know the humans behind the email addresses, Instagram handles and websites. It makes the online interactions we have feel authentic and so much deeper.

I'd like to create more of that here. I want to get to know YOU - who you are, how you found me and why you stick around.


Even though I know there are hundreds of people reading my emails, watching my Instagram stories and tuning into my YouTube channel (which I'm definitely bringing back this year!), I'd like to have a better idea of the HUMANS behind those names and numbers.

Personally this motivates me to continue to show up, write and teach when I know there's someone on the other end listening, reading and appreciating what I'm creating. Plus, in such a digital age I think we do have to work at being human and cultivating human connections, IRL and online. It's easy to hide behind our screens, but that usually leaves us feeling alone and disconnected.

So today I have a small ask of you:

would you spend 3-5 minutes of your day to fill out this short get-to-know-you survey?

This is not just for me - by getting to know you all better, I'll be able to provide more helpful tips, recipes and emails. There's also a question on the survey where you can ask me anything so if there's something you want to know about me, this is your opportunity to ask :)

As a thank you gift for participating in this survey, I'll mail you a sample of one of my favorite essential oils (US friends only - international folks, I have something else for you!). Make sure to complete the survey by Monday, May 27th and include your email and address information so I can send that gift to you!

Click here to complete the survey + get your free essential oil!

Thank you in advance for being here - I appreciate each of you and am looking forward to getting to know you better!