Your invitation to apply for Rockstar

This blog post is your special invitation to apply to join The Rockstar Coaching Collective.

Rockstar is a high level, LIVE group coaching program that I run with Robyn Youkilis. It's a mix of health, life and business coaching, and we meet every single week via video conference.

Most weeks it's Robyn or me leading the call, but we also have on guest experts who you'll get to hear from and ask personal questions in real time (think of it like an interactive podcast!). Our past experts have included entrepreneur boss lady Diane Sanfilippo, energy worker and mind shifter Jamie Graber, women's health and hormones guru Nicole Jardim and many, many more!

Screen Shot 2018-07-12 at 7.13.41 PM.png

That's a screen shot of what our calls look like - you can join from your laptop, smart phone, or regular phone and we can all SEE each other!

What's included in the program:

  • One month intro program ALL with me (Emily!) where you'll learn the Rockstar fundamentals and get to know the other women in the group

  • Weekly LIVE 60-minute video calls, which are a mix of coaching, Q&A and guest experts

  • Monthly check-ins with your personal mentor (a woman who's been in the program for at least a full 9 month cycle)

  • In-person weekend RETREAT

  • Ongoing support in our secret Facebook group

who this program is for

Rockstar is for inspired ladies who are looking for support in taking their lives (both professional and personal) to the next level. Many of our women are IIN grads and health coaches or entrepreneurs, but we also have lawyers and women in PR and bakery owners. We have new moms and moms of teens, single ladies and women who have been married for decades.

The common theme is that these women want to better themselves on a deep level - it's not just about looking good and checking achievement boxes, it's about feeling present, connected and aligned with their life purpose.

Rockstar is about learning to embody self care and make choices from a place of intuition every day. It's about being able to show up exactly as you are and be a part of a collective that supports you no matter what you got going on that day or week.

If you're on my newsletter list and/or follow me and Robyn on social media and are inspired, or even just find yourself wanting more of what we have to share, I'd encourage you to check out the program and submit your application.



Applications are due in just a few days on Monday 7/16.


You can learn more about Rockstar, hear from some of the amazing women who are part of this tribe and complete your application here: The Rockstar Coaching Collective.

I will personally be reading every, single application. If we feel like you're a good fit, we'll reach out and schedule a time to get to know you more next week.



If there ever was a project or program that is my "baby" - this is it.

Rockstar is a truly special group and I'm honored to be able to invite you to share in it.

Here's the link again:

These people rock.