My non-negotiables

As I write this post I’m in the middle of a 10 day trip with some of my best college girlfriends. We’re doing a lot of hiking at some beautiful national parks and also making a weekend stop in Vegas. It’s been an amazing trip so far because I’ve been able to spend quality time with friends I don’t see that often while still sticking to my “non negotiables.”

What’s a non negotiable? Its a practice, routine or ritual that you do every day that makes you feel your best. These are the things that keep you grounded even if everything else around you feels way out of the norm.

Like me, maybe you spent this past weekend celebrating. Memorial Day marks the beginning of the summer season - a time where we travel more, stay up a little later, spend more time outside, and likely eat and drink a little more loosely since it’s summer and it’s time to relax and have fun.

Me and my girls in the middle of an amazing hike in Zion!

Me and my girls in the middle of an amazing hike in Zion!

Personally I know I don’t feel my best if I let all my healthy habits fall by the wayside (even when I’m on vacation), but I also know I need to enjoy life and have a little wiggle room, especially in the summer.

This is where non negotiables come in.

Your non negotiable may be meditation, eating at least 1 green vegetable a day, journaling, etc. They can change over time with you, or adapt to the situation.



Right now my non negotiables are:
1. Water first thing when I wake up
2. Morning meditation
3. Getting in plenty of movement AND exercise every day

These are things I’m committed to, even on vacation, even on the weekends. They’re especially important on trips with friends and family because they keep you grounded and connected to yourself, the YOU that you are now and that you’re working to become, versus the YOU you may feel pulled to be around old friends or your fam.

Morning "me" time is one of my non negotiables. Usually this means water, meditation and tea.

Morning "me" time is one of my non negotiables. Usually this means water, meditation and tea.

I first learned about the idea of non-negotiable from Robyn, and it’s something she teaches in the first week of her online coaching program, Your Healthiest You.

I helped Robyn create this program and have had many of my clients, family and friends go through it. The course covers much of the material both Robyn and I start on with our 1:1 coaching clients - it will help you create (or redefine) your healthy foundation.

In the 6 week course you’ll learn:

  • How to identify YOUR non negotiables
  • What to put on your plate at every meal
  • What your cravings may be trying to tell you (it’s likely not as simple as you think)
  • How to create a meditation practice
  • What’s up with your hormones (focused on my ladies, but also super informative for my male friends!)
  • And so much more!

Whether you’ve been on a health kick and want to keep momentum behind that as we move into summer or MDW indulgences already have you feeling less than sparkly in your bikini or swim trunks, this course is for you.



Because I know how incredible this course is, I’m offering a special bonus when you enroll: in addition to the bonuses listed on the course website, you’ll also receive a 25 minute laser focus coaching session with me ($250 value)!
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