Leaning into simplicity

I’ve had this pair of Converse sneakers for probably 10 years. I love 'em because they’re a little different (you don’t see tan Chuck Taylors as often as white or black) - they’re my version of a classic. I’ve worn these shoes through many different phases of my life - high school, college, during my days as an auditor in DC, here in NYC, and through many travels.

Recently I noticed they were getting a little worn out. I tried to take this photo so you could see the holes:

Not really rainy day appropriate shoes - especially with the holes!

Not really rainy day appropriate shoes - especially with the holes!

I finally admitted that I needed to replace these shoes and started thinking about what new sneaks I’d get: What would be as effortlessly casual and go with both yoga gear and a cute dress? What would match with all the colors in my wardrobe? And of course, what would be comfortable so I could walk or bike for miles?

I actually began to stress a little bit: Would I ever find the perfect replacement sneaker??? These had served me so well.



And then it dawned on me: I can literally buy the same shoes again.

Especially in today's society, instead of being satisfied with what we have, we’re constantly looking for the next best / cool thing. “Settling” has a negative connotation. We don’t always appreciate what we have or miss what’s right in front of us because our eyes are searching elsewhere.

If you love your routine, the same old jeans or breakfast: IT’S OKAY. Sure, variety adds some spice to life but there’s no need to switch things up just for novelty’s sake.

As soon as I realized I could just buy another pair of my beloved Chucks, a weight lifted. Suddenly I didn’t have a decision to make; it was simple.



Today I want to invite you to lean into simplicity. Is there an area of your life (or wardrobe) that you’ve been unnecessarily complicating?
Ask yourself: how can I make this easy?

I think you’ll be surprised how good it feels.

I'm challenging myself to do this too, and not just with my shoes.

More quiet time = more peace

More quiet time = more peace

Here's how I'm leaning into simplicity:

  • More quiet time. Instead of scrolling on social media, watching Netflix or any other form of distraction, I'm focusing on quiet time. I'm allowing myself to just sit and breathe, to people watch or be with my thoughts, instead of always feeling like I need to be accomplishing something.
  • Cleaning on the closet. This time last year I did a HUGE closet clean out, but I still have quite a few things that don't fit my body or my lifestyle anymore (that bike-commute life requires a very specific wardrobe!). When I get home from my current travels I'm going to clean out my closet again and only keep the things that truly make me feel good RIGHT NOW. And if I love a t-shirt or pair of jeans, I'm going to let myself buy a few different colors of the same style.
  • Simple, good food. It can be easy to get overwhelmed with all the food noise out there, the latest and greatest supplements and superfoods. I'm giving myself permission to not be on top of ALL the current trends and new products, and get back to basics with food. For me this means lots of veggies, easy to digest proteins and healthy fats.
  • Go with what I love. I know what activities, places and people make me feel good, and likely you do too. I'm focusing on filling myself up with these, and not worrying about what else there is out there.

Do you see a trend here? I do ;)



Focus on what you have, what you love, and what makes you feel good.
Tune out the "noise" of everything else.

With that in mind, I'd love to hear from you: where can you lean into simplicity? What food or life choices can you make easier on yourself? Share with us all in the comments below.