A peek inside the Your Healthiest You office!

After 10 days away, I'm officially back in NYC and happily back working in the office that I share with Robyn.

I love that we have an official work home - working from coffee shops and your apartment sounds glamorous (and works for some!) but I enjoy a dedicated workspace with good WiFi, familiar faces and free coffee (tea for me right now).

After trying out a number of different co-working spaces, we finally found a place that felt like a good fit in May. We’ve spent the summer getting settled in and set up and so today I wanted to show you the place.

The space is nothing fancy we put intention into making it feel like home. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, mom or someone working a more traditional 9-5, I hope you’ll find inspiration in how we’ve outfitted our office with both some practical and more woo-woo touches.

Head over to Robyn's blog to check out the space: Your Healthiest You Office Reveal.

Serene sunset over the sound this weekend in Duck, North Carolina

And then I'd love to hear from you - what's your workspace like? Do you work from an office, co-working space, home, coffee shops or elsewhere?

Leave a comment below and let me know!