My first podcast episode!

This past Saturday I was a guest on my very first podcast and the episode is now live! I had the honor of chatting with Alex and Corey of the Husband and Wife Talk podcast about building a passion business, laughing at yourself and having patience with life (a lesson I'm personally learning again and again and again).

I share more details about how I left my corporate job and how I started working with Robyn, as well as my tips for anyone thinking about doing something similar.

I had such a great time recording this episode and hope you enjoy listening!

Click here to listen to the episode.

Bonus: I'm hosting a LIVE Q&A this Sunday 9/9 at 11AM EST.

Over the past two weeks I've received an overwhelming number of questions about how I got where I am today and how I make this entrepreneur / health coach thing work for me. I definitely talk about this on the podcast, but I also wanted to have a chance to connect with YOU and answer your questions on the topic more directly.

This Sunday (September 9th - which also happens to be a new moon!) at 11AM EST I'll be doing a Q&A on both Instagram and Facebook LIVE to share more about my story (including some things I've never openly shared before) AND answering your questions, plus doing some coaching for anyone who joins live.

This Q&A will be targeted more towards the business side of things but please don't let that stop you from joining if you have no interest in becoming a health coach or yoga teacher or starting your own business. Even if you're just curious about my journey (personally I always love a good behind the scenes/how I built this type chat), come hang out for a bit :)

To join the Instagram LIVE - make sure you're following me @emilynachazel and log on to the app at 11AM. You'll then see a LIVE story pop up when we get started.

To join the Facebook LIVE - like my business page Emily Nachazel and log on to Facebook at 11AM. If you head to my page you should see the LIVE video pop up. You can also "turn on notifications" to get a reminder when we go live.

Can't join the LIVE Q&A but have a question you want me to cover? Comment on this Instagram post or leave a comment below and I'll do my best to chat about it on Sunday.

The Instagram LIVE recording will be available for 24 hours in the Instagram app and the Facebook LIVE will be available indefinitely on my Facebook page.

Have a great weekend and hope to "see" you Sunday!

UPDATE: Catch the Q&A Recording here: Sunday 9/9/18 LIVE Q&A with Emily