What This "Weight Loss" Book Is Really About

The past few weeks I've been talking quite a bit about this book: Thin From Within. While most of the response has been support and positive, I know that the title has been a turn off for some. Today I want to address this head on - why I'm talking about a weight loss book, why I think the message in this book is crucial for us all to hear, and what I learned from being a part of the book writing process.



"A desire to lose weight is a sign that we want something to be different in our bodies, but even moreso in our lives." 
- Robyn Youkilis


Talking about weight (and weight loss) can be a tricky topic in today’s society where so many women (and men) have struggled with body dysmorphia, eating disorders and exercise addiction. As a result, there’s also a lot of shame around a desire to lose weight, especially in the wellness world. Radical self love is the tune so many are marching to… which is GREAT, but sometimes I find it leaves no room for wanting something to change, especially in the weight department.



"Your body is your business, and if you want to look and/or feel different and that desire comes from you–not from the media, your mom, or your boyfriend–it's alright to take action to make your dream body your real body." 
- Robyn Youkilis


The past year or so I gained some weight, probably unnoticeable to some, but incredibly uncomfortable, and actually almost unbearable at times, to me. The physical weight was one thing, but what actually was weighing on me more was the emotional weight.


Loneliness (trying to date in NYC #struggleisreal), overwhelm with some difficult family stuff, and (probably HEAVIEST of all) shame around my physical body not being what I pictured I should look like as someone who does health and wellness for a living.

Earlier in the year I decided to "coach" myself back to a comfortable weight. I cleaned up my diet (which writing this I'm like WHAT EM you eat clean all the time), and even followed a hardcore workout plan for a bit, but working with Robyn on this book made me realize the extra weight I was carrying was a result of much more than just the food I was putting on my plate. And in order to lose that weight, I was going to have to take a good hard look at those areas of my life that were weighing me down.

So that’s been my work the past few months - making sure that I’m taking care of my physical AND emotional bodies. While I don’t think I’ve lost any pounds just yet, every time I look at and deal with one of those “things” that’s been weighing on me, my spirit gets a little bit lighter. And at the end of the day, that’s all that matters anyways.

If you’re ready to shed both physical and emotional weight, I encourage you to check out this book. It’s filled with both practical and spiritual advice, and I know it will change the way you think about and talk to your body forever. It did for me.



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