Help support my new website!

It's been a little while since I wrote a blog post, and that's because I've been over here brainstorming and visioning what exactly I want to bring to the metaphorical table in 2018. While 2017 felt like a year of change, 2018 feels like a year of action. This year we're stepping more fully into the new reality that last year catapulted us into.

I'll definitely be sharing more about my intentions at some point, but one of the biggest projects I want to do this year is upgrade my website.

I'm super proud of the fact that I designed and built my website all by myself back in 2015 (woah!! feels like forever ago!), but it's time for my site to graduate to it's next level. This has been on my business wish list for awhile now, and some awesome pieces have fallen into place that are moving this project forward now.



I'm making big changes and I’m asking for your help!

As many of you know, the past year or so I've been working more full time on other projects, and my own business and blog has taken a back burner. This has been amazing and I have no regrets, but in 2018 I'm looking to give my biz and website some much deserved love.

Here's what I'm hoping to do with your help:
- Fully re-design my website and blog so that it's clearer and easier to navigate (the blog especially)
- Take new, professional photos that reflect who I am and what I offer
- Implement this new design and these new photos
- Create of a series of beautiful guides that you'll be able to download for free when the site is up and running

I have friends who have generously agreed to help me with the technical aspects of this project at a reduced cost, but I'm still finding myself in need of some cash to meet their budget.

I'm asking for any kind of support, and I have gifts to offer in return! Anything you can give (even if it's just good vibes) is BEYOND appreciated.

My goal is to raise $2,500 by March 1st, 2018 so that I can have this new site up and running by my 30th birthday (and 3 year self-employed anniversary!!).

Head over to my GoFundMe page to learn more about this project and the gifts I'm offering to anyone who donates:
Help Support Emily's Website Upgrade!
I'm so grateful to you for reading this (and all of my emails!) and for any support you can offer.