Summer 17 Reflection

So long Summer 2017, I'll miss you but honestly, you were not what I expected.

Back in the spring I dreamed of living in my bikini and endless beach days, nights spent sipping cocktails and dancing and having way too much FUN. I had visions of finally feeling REALLY really good in my body, of crushing running races, of falling in love with this crazy city, and with that special someone.

I had big dreams, none of which really came true. Don't get me wrong, there was plenty of magic the past few months, but they've also been a challenge. I stopped running. I don't have those toned abs. I'm still confused what I'm doing in NYC, and still single.


As I watched the sunset tonight, the last official night of summer, I felt my heart ache and tears in my eyes, but not because I'm sad or disappointed or feeling regret. Seeing the sun set and the moon rise reminded me that it's all part of the cycle - the moments of pure joy, of freedom, of soul connection, AND the moments of loneliness, of self doubt, of pain. It's all temporary, it's always changing, and just like the sun and moon, there's something much bigger than you or I pulling the strings.

What I have learned this summer is to appreciate it all and to be present in the hurt just as much as I'm present in the good. That's life, that's actually living, that's having a human experience. THAT is what connects us no matter what you are and what you do or don't believe in. And isn't that what we're all looking for after all?