I'm a PRO at this by now [Healthy Travel Series #3]

Have you ever felt anxious about a trip because you weren’t sure IF or WHEN you’d find the time to work out?

Workout anxiety used to be SO REAL for me, especially when I was traveling. I remember being so unhappy during points of my 4 week Thailand trip because I couldn’t stick to my regular run and yoga schedule.

Luckily I’ve learned a lot since that trip and today I’m sharing how you can workout while traveling, while still enjoying your trip.

Here’s how to easily work your workout into your travel:

  • Be prepared - Bring workout clothes (I love finding cute “athleisure” pieces that I can work out in but can double as everyday clothes too!), running or walking shoes. I also ALWAYS travel with this travel yoga mat - it’s super lightweight and folds up making it easy to carry with you wherever you are going.
  • Bring movement into your adventure - Rent a bike, go for a walking tour, meet a friend for a yoga date. I’ve also done running tours which are a super fun way to see a city!
  • Have a few portable workout options - The wonderful world of online workouts has been a lifesaver for me while traveling because I can still take class when it works with my schedule. My favorites are FORTE Fit (yoga, HIIT, barre and MORE! + my own yoga classes!), YogaGlo (biggest library of online yoga classes), and Superhuman Fitness (going to be sharing more about this soon but it’s my newest fave full body workout that’s good for EVERY body and fitness level).
  • Be realistic - Think ahead and plan your workout and rest days accordingly. During my time on the Big Island of Hawaii, I had a few really early mornings and so I planned my rest days around these because I knew I wasn’t going to want to wake up even earlier to get a run in.

My biggest tip? Relax. Do your best to move your body because it makes you feel good, but don’t stress if your travel workout routine looks very, very different from your regular plan. Your beloved yoga class or early morning gym time will be there for you when you get back home, and likely you’ll appreciate it even more after taking a break :)

What are your tricks and tips for staying active when you are traveling? Leave a comment below and let me know. I love hearing from you!