Can’t sleep? Try this. [Healthy Travel Series #2]

Do you ever have trouble sleeping?

I used to struggle with falling asleep ALL the time, but especially when I was in a strange bed. Today I’m sharing exactly what I do to ensure a restful night’s sleep EVEN when I’m traveling through time zones and sleeping in unfamiliar locations.

These tips are part of a series on healthy travel. Did you miss last week’s tips on how to stay regular when on the go? No worries, you can check them out here: This is probably TMI [how to stay regular while traveling]

Here’s how I get PERFECT sleep no matter where in the world I am:

  • Make your bed feel (and smell!) like home. Bring your own pillowcase. It’s such a little thing but I promise this makes the bed feel more like home. Bonus: I diffuse essential oils in my bedroom at night, so when I’m traveling I make sure to bring a few of my calming oils (Lavender and the doTERRA Serenity blend). I’ll put a drop or two on my pillowcase, and rub some on my feet to help me fall asleep with ease. Learn more about essential oils here!
  • Keep your regular bedtime routine. Sometimes we use travel or vacation as a time to go WILD and say F it to our normal healthy habits. If you usually read a book or journal at night, do that! Maybe, like me, you use essential oils before you go to sleep - pack them with you and right when you arrive put them on your bedside table so that they are there when you are getting ready to turn in. If you always have a cup of tea, bring your favorite tea bags. Stick with your regular routine as much as you can.
  • Buy a sleep mask. Seriously buying this sleep mask changed my life! A sleep mask is particularly helpful if you are traveling time zones - the dark that the mask creates can help adjust your body’s circadian rhythm to the new night/day cycle. This is the one I love because it has space for your eyelashes to blink (which they do when you are in deep REM sleep).
  • Download a white noise app. This is the one I use both when I’m traveling AND when the Brooklyn street noise bothers me (gotta love the city life!). If you are a light sleeper, this is a MUST for you.

Here are just a few places where I’ve successfully slept like a baby using these tips:

  • My street level NYC apartment (probably the hardest place haha!)
  • A teeny couch in Portland, Oregon
  • In the next room over from loudly snoring parents in our family house in Maine (sorry Mom & Dad!)
  • A creaky bunk bed in Austin, Texas
  • A bathtub (yeah… don’t ask about that one)

You can have amazing sleep WHEREVER you are too.

Which of these tips are you going to try tonight? Or what are your tried and true sleep tips? Leave a comment below and let me know!

Sweet dreams!