I learned SO much from this (and I think you could too)

Let's turn back time to about 2 years ago. I had just left my corporate job and started my business. I was coaching clients with great success, getting more yoga classes and hosting awesome events, BUT I had this cloud hanging over me because I didn't have my own food/body/exercise stuff figured out.

Even after going to nutrition school, I was still bloated after most of my meals, I still didn't feel like I knew which foods fueled my body and which made me feel like crap, and I was frankly exhausted from my workouts. Not to mention, my skin was a mess - I had regular breakouts AND I kept getting these weird rashes on my face and back.

I was embarrassed because here I was teaching health and wellness and happiness, yet I felt FAR from my healthiest.

For a while, I pushed through: I tried new supplements, cut more foods out of my diet, meditated, visualized, drank smoothies for breakfast and dinner in an effort to "ease my digestion." I scoured the internet looking for solutions that had worked for others, hoping, wishing, PRAYING that they would work for me to.

Nothing seemed to work. Actually, it got worse because I stepped on a scale and realized I had gained 10 pounds.

This was shocking for me. By no means was I overweight, but I felt these extra pounds weigh on me, and I knew deep down that something wasn't right. I was doing all the "right" things, but nothing was working. In fact, my problems seemed to be getting worse. I was lost.

How did I get from this place to where I am today? How did I go from totally confused about what I needed to feel best in MY body to eating and moving in a way that energizes and lights me up?

I found someone who provided me with the information - foods to focus on to heal the gut, how to deal with cravings, ways to exercise without burning out - AND support I needed to learn to listen to my own intuitive voice, what's best for MY body in every moment.

I've shared about Robyn Youkilis before - she's my own health coach, friend, mentor and healthy living inspiration - and now is your chance to work with her AND me. How cool is that?

Your Healthiest You is a 6 week virtual coaching program where you'll receive all of our best coaching, tips and recipes in one well-organized, easy to follow and FUN place. You'll get the must-know info PLUS the support and accountability.

Though this program, I learned how to:

  • Find my "food voice" (i.e. how to stop listening to what EVERYONE else is saying and listen to my own body instead)
  • Poop regularly without coffee or laxatives (yep)
  • Establish a meditation practice that I actually look forward to
  • Not feel crazy if I missed a workout and how to have a healthier relationship with exercise
  • Bring my hormones back to balance (HELLO gorgeous skin!)
  • Love my body. Yes I know that sounds corny but it's true. I went 28 years of my life disconnected from my physical body, seeing it as something seperate from ME, instead of loving and accepting it for what it is (my home!!) EVEN when parts of it don't work perfectly or look exactly like I'd wish.
  • And so much more!

Here's how it works:

  • Each week you’ll receive a recorded coaching call that will be a mix of topic focused coaching and Q&A (that you can listen to whenever works with your schedule!) >> check exactly what topics we’ll be covering each week HERE: Your Healthiest You details

  • You’ll receive a Topic and Tips Guide that contains important call overview notes and what to focus on - essentially a cheat sheet!

  • You’ll also have a Playsheet to workshop each topic. (aka your “homework”)

  • And a new set of recipes and shopping guide so you don’t have to think about what you’re going to make that week!
  • Finally you’ll have access to an exclusive YHY Community Facebook group to connect, share, ask questions and be inspired.

PLUS you'll also receive a BONUS one-on-one coaching session with ME! Together we will put together a game plan for how you can get the most out of the program.

We start TOMORROW (April 5th). If this email sparked anything inside of you, click here to learn more and enroll: Your Healthiest You 6 Week Coaching Program.

Not sure if this is the program or time for you, or have questions not answered on website? Email me at emily@emilynachazel.com and we'll figure out a time to hop on the phone and chat today.