This is probably TMI [Healthy Travel Series #1]

If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook you’ll know that I’m spending a few weeks in the Hawaiian islands (even typing that makes me want to pinch myself) both for fun and for some business as well.

When I got to packing for this trip, I decided to post a lot of what I packed on Instagram stories. HOLY MOLY you guys blew up my inbox with your response to these posts and it occurred to me just how much I DO to stay feeling my best while I travel. Most of my packing tips are so second nature to me at this point that I forget how much I still have to share with you (even after writing about healthy travel here, here, and here).

Over the next few weeks, I’m going to be sharing exactly what I pack for certain issues that I hear my friends, family and clients struggle with when they are on the go. Yes, these are specific to travel but most of my tips can be applied to your everyday life even where there’s not an airport or hotel room involved.

Let’s start with the #1 complaint I hear when it comes to traveling…

“The trip has been a blast so far, but I haven’t gone to the bathroom in 4 days! I feel totally gross. HELP!”

Anyone else ever get constipated while traveling?

I TOTALLY get it. I feel your pain. This used to be me. If I didn’t have my bed, my coffee, my exact breakfast and my certain amount of quiet time in the AM I couldn’t go. If one thing in my morning routine was different from my day to day, it was like my digestion system just stopped.

Luckily I figured out a few travel (and life) hacks that will keep you regular even if your schedule is far from it.

  • Drink a BIG glass of water first thing in the AM. I used to rely on coffee to go in the AM - not the best idea. Not only does coffee dehydrate you, it’s also stressful if you are traveling and feel like you MUST FIND COFFEE in order to start your day. You can still have your cup of joe, just have a BIG ole glass of water first. Think of this water like a river that’s flushing out your system. My mentor, Robyn Youkilis, explains it this way: “If your poop is a boat, how’s it going to travel through you without a river?” Bonus: add a drop of doTERRA lemon essential oil to your water for flavor and added detox!
  • Take a magnesium supplement in the evening. Magnesium is relaxing for the whole body, promotes sleep and smooth digestion. Great for travel, especially if you have trouble going to the bathroom when on the road. This is the one I'm currently taking but Natural Calm is another popular choice.
  • Eat fermented foods. I don’t go anywhere without my sauerkraut. Seriously. Fermented veggies are SO so helpful in building up the good bacteria in your gut which keeps your digestion moving and grooving the way it’s supposed to. Pack a jar in your carry on (I recommend putting it in a plastic bag in case of leaks) and then have a big forkful at least 1x per day. If you can’t get kraut, or it seems like too much of a hassle, you can take a high quality probiotic like this one: Prescript Assist Probiotic.
  • Add in some chia seeds. Chia seeds are great for two reasons 1) they absorb liquids so help keep you hydrated and 2) they are full of fiber which helps keep things moving in your digestive track. Bring a little baggie with you and sprinkle 'em on salads, smoothies, oatmeal OR just stir into water or juice. You don't need a lot - 1 tsp is probably plenty to do the trick.
  • RELAX and give yourself plenty of time. On travel days, give yourself extra time so that you (and your belly) can be as relaxed as possible. Allow yourself more time at home or get to the airport extra early so that you have plenty of time to use the restroom.

Now I want to hear from you - do you ever have trouble going when you are on the go? Let me know in the comments below which of these tips you are going to try on your next trip.