Loving Lately // Summer 2017

As a way to share my favorites with you on a regular basis, I created the "Things I'm Loving Lately" series here on the blog. In this series I share everything from food to fitness, brands to beauty products, good reads to good listens.

Here's what I'm currently craving and crushing on:

- Food: Smoked Salmon. Smoked salmon is such an easy + delicious protein that works equally well for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I've been buying the Wild Smoked Sockeye Salmon from Trader Joe's - it's a little thicker and spicier and I think it tastes more like cooked salmon than traditional lox.

- Drink: My Electrolyte Lemonade. This drink is the perfect remedy for the hot, sweaty days of summer. It's naturally rich in electrolytes, which are especially important to replenish this time of year (since we loose so much through sweating).

- Recipe: Creamy Vanilla Smoothie. In my opinion, summer time is the BEST time for smoothies. I've come to learn that my body does best on lower sugar (i.e. lower fruit) smoothies, so this Creamy Vanilla Smoothie has been a go-to for me this season. I prefer to have something heartier for breakfast and enjoy my smoothie as a snack or light dinner!

- Snack: Raw fennel. Okay, this isn't a new "Loving Lately" for me but it's SUCH a great snack that I had to share again! Fennel is awesome for your digestion, plus the slightly sweet and crunchy flavor is so satisfying. Slice it up and enjoy on it's own, or dip in guacamole or hummus for a heartier snack.

- Book, podcast or blog: A Wrinkle in Time. I've been re-reading this childhood classic and love it.

- Essential Oil: doTERRA Peace blend. This essential oil blend in my "instant calm." Whenever I'm feeling overwhelmed, anxious or unsettled, I roll some of this on my wrists and take a deep breath in. To learn more + purchase oils, head to www.emilynachazel.com/essential-oils.

- Yoga pose: BACKBENDS. Back bends are energizing because they open up your lungs + give you more space to B R E A T H E! Back bends are pretty challenging for me personally, so I've been loving more restorative variations that use props to help the body get into these positions. I've actually been pretty obsessed with props in ALL of my yoga poses these days - I find that they help me go deeper into postures that feel unattainable or unsafe without support.

What are you loving lately?  Let me know in the comments below!