Join me for this?

I'm popping in today to share about an awesome challenge that has the power to change so much around both WHAT and HOW you eat.

Remember what I said last week about chewing? That it's just as important, if not MORE important, than the actual food you put in your body when it comes to weight, digestion, energy and more.

So chewing is super important. But how do you take this idea and actually put it into practice?

Join me for The Chewing Challenge. We start March 1st!

The Chewing Challenge is a FREE 21-day coaching program where you will learn what, in my opinion, is the most powerful tool when it comes to reaching your healthy-you goals (and that's chewing!). 

Personally I am SO pumped to start this challenge again because I've found myself flying through meals recently. For me, chewing is *THE THING* that allows me to really slow down and eat more mindfully (i.e. I can actually hear my "food voice" telling me what my body needs AND usually that means way less than I think I need). And chewing is something you can do ANYWHERE! Out to dinner with friends, at home with your fam, at the movies. It's applicable to every food and situation and so, so simple.

Learn more + join me here: Join The Chewing Challenge