A special invitation for you [FREE virtual class!]

First, thank you all for your amazing responses to last week's vision board post. You guys rock.

I had many of you reach out saying how inspired you were by my vision board posts, but that the thought of doing a vision board yourself (or simply setting goals for 2017) was totally overwhelming.

Is that you? Or maybe you just haven't had the time to think about your 2017 goals yet?

While my coaching spots are all filled up at this time (email me if you want to be put on the waitlist!), I do have a special invitation for you. A free virtual workshop where you will be coached on how to create a vision for 2017, AND how to turn that vision into a totally manageable and FUN action plan with my friend and mentor, Robyn Youkilis

Here's how it works:

  1. Read the blog posts I've linked below for three simple exercises for you to work through to identify and refine your goals. 
  2. Join us for a FREE live class either TONIGHT (Monday 1/9 at 8PM EST) or TOMORROW (Tuesday 1/10 at 12:30PM EST) where Robyn will tie it all together so that you have a plan for 2017 that feels 100% do-able and (most importantly) FUN!

Pssst... Robyn is sharing one of my personal stories on the call, something I was doing last year that I thought was a healthy goal of mine, but in reality it was TOTALLY weighing me down.

Read these blog posts:

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Register for the FREE class here:
Beat Overwhelm and Get Back to FUN!

Can't make it to either of the live classes? Register anyways and we'll send you the recording :)