Adventures in LA-la land // Week 1

Emily's Epic 2016 Adventure has begun! I've said farewell to NYC for a few weeks and am off exploring the west coast for the remainder of the month. In true wellness blogger form, I'm going to be documenting what I'm eating, drinking and doing during these few weeks here on the blog (you can also follow along on Instagram for real-time updates).

My journey begins in the city of Angels...



- Run or bike along the beach - Most of my morning runs have been along the beach - there's so much to see! Santa Monica pier, Muscle Beach, the Venice boardwalk.

- Run or walk the Venice canals - Another awesome run (or walk) is through the Venice Canals. Inspired by Venice, Italy, there are several blocks of canals that run between beautiful homes. A place of tranquility and escape from the craziness of Venice beach.

- Love Yoga - beautiful space with white walls and blue floors, feeling like you are practicing in the ocean or in a cloud! The classes I've taken have been strong and smart, with a focus on getting into your body and organic movement.


- Giant vegan + gluten free muffins from Cafe Gratitude - I'll admit... I've had more than one... or two... of these! Definitely a treat but SO good.

- The salad bar at Erewhon Market - Epic. My go-to lunch spot.

- Protein Acai Bowl from Live Beaming - I don't often make or order acai bowls, but when I saw my friend post on Instagram about this protein acai bowl, I knew I had to try it! Topped with housemade granola, blueberries, bee pollen, and honey, it did not disappoint. I liked that the acai base itself was not too sweet - a nice contrast from the toppings.


- Bulletproof Coffee from the Bulletproof Cafe - Organic coffee blended with butter and MCT oil.

- Turmeric Tonic from Intelligentsia Coffee - Iced tea with turmeric, ginger, lemon and lime - all great for your digestion and super flavorful without the addition of any sweetener.

- Goodnight Rose kombucha from Better Booch - Rose (not to be confused with rose) is all the rage these days. Rose is calming and soothing, and has been used for centuries to help relieve tension. Often times I find that drinks with rose essence are too strong, but the flavor of this kombucha was subtle and perfect!

And there you have it - the highlights from week 1 of my west coast adventure. Got suggestions for what I should do, eat, or see while I'm out here (LA, SF, Portland)? Leave em below!