Air travel tips!

Today I'm sharing my few tips for healthy air travel. Traveling can be awesome and exciting, but it can also throw off our systems and normally healthy habits. Here are the things that I do when I'm flying to stay energized and feeling my best:

- Hydrate!!! Airplanes are super de-hydrating so when you are spending time up in the air it's extra important to make sure you are hydrating properly! I always, always, always bring a water bottle to the airport with me - it must be empty to go through security, but then you can fill it up. For my flight from NYC to LAX I actually brought TWO big water bottles with me because I knew it was a longer flight.
- Pack a snack (or meal). Depending on how long you will be traveling for, I recommend packing a snack or meal. Sound crazy to you? Hear me out: First, while there are some healthier options at many airports, it's definitely not guaranteed, and not always so fresh. I find that many of the good-for-you options just don't look appealing... the hard boiled eggs in a plastic cup, those red "delicious" apples, or sad-looking iceberg and tomato salads. Also, security lines can be totally unpredictable and you may not end up with enough time to find something good to eat. So pack something you'll WANT to eat and that you know will make you feel good! My go-to is steamed greens with some sort of protein and healthy fat. Satisfying, nourishing, and delicious.
- ...and a healthy treat. When the flight attendants come around with the cookies/pretzels/chips, you are much more likely to say NO if you brought something that feels like a "treat" (it's a lot harder to say no if your alternative is having nothing). My favorite in-flight treats = dark chocolate, Emmy's macaroons, or Lesser Evil popcorn.
- Wear workout clothes and sneakers. If you are properly dressed you can use waiting time to move your body! Not to say that you need to do a full workout at the airport (although I have been known to roll out my yoga mat at bus stations and airports alike!), but walking and doing simple stretches can do wonders, especially when you will or have been sitting for a long period of time.
- Use in-flight time to disconnect and reflect. I know we now have the option to connect to WiFi on many flights, but if you can, I suggest disconnecting and using some or all of this time as you-time. A few ideas: listen to a guided meditation or music, read, color or write in a journal. Even watching a movie or listening to a podcast can be a form of self-care. Whatever you choose, I do encourage you to keep your phone or computer on airplane mode and take a break from incoming emails, texts, and notifications.

I think you will find that if you follow these tips, you will arrive at your destination feeling grounded and ready for whatever adventure you are about to embark on, versus feeling tired and drained. I can honestly say that I did all of these things during my cross-country flight this past week and I felt great! I was able to hit the ground running (literally, got up an went for a long run my first morning in LA) and make the most of my time here.

Were these tips helpful for you? What is one thing that you will try on your next flight? Let me know in the comments below!