Protein Powder Recommendations

Let's talk protein powder - you may need it, you may not. If you are always hungry, especially an hour or two after meals, you probably need to increase your protein intake, and protein powder is one way to supplement.

Since leaving my corporate job, I am much more active during the day and find that I do need more protein than I have in the past. While I've increased my protein intake from whole foods sources (whole grains, beans, tempeh, tofu, eggs, and fish), I've found that I feel best when I also supplement with a quality protein powder.  I've experimented with a number of different brands and types of protein power, and today I'm sharing some of my favorites.

Here are the top protein powders I recommend:

- Vega Team - 20-30g of vegan protein, formulated for active people, packed with superfoods and sweetened with stevia. Here are the flavors I like: Natural, Vanilla, Chocolate, Vanilla Sport, Chocolate Sport.

- Parsley Health Protein - From my friends at Parsley Health {a functional medicine practice here in NYC}, this protein is plant-based, allergy-friendly, and filled with gut healing vitamins and minerals. I recommend this for anyone struggling with digestive disorders.

- Sun Warrior - This one is pea, brown rice, quinoa, chia, and amaranth.

- Source Organic Whey - If you can tolerate dairy, this grass fed, organic whey protein may be a good option for you.

- Organic Collagen & Gelatin - Pure protein, great for healing the lining of the gut and promotes healthy hair, nails, and skin. Collagen is best for smoothies, gelatin is good for anything you need to gel, like gummies or gravies.


Do you use protein powder? Which is your favorite? I'd love to hear in the comments below!