My essential oil routine

Here it is - the FULL scoop on the essential oils that I use every single day! This list is by no means exhaustive (I really only included the oils I use every day), but it gives you an idea of how the different oils can be incorporated into your daily routine. {Pssst... want the crash course on what essential oils are and why I use them... read this blog post!}


- onGuard toothpaste - Rise and shine! I absolutely love the toothpaste made with onGuard - doTERRA's protective blend of orange, clove, cinnamon, eucalyptus, and rosemary. Houseguests have commented on how much they enjoy this too :)

- Lemon - I love lemon water in the AM, but don't always have fresh lemons on hand. In this case, I'll put a drop of lemon essential oil in my water for a hydrating + detoxifying drink!

- Eucalyptus - Want to turn your bathroom into a spa? Place a drop or two of eucalyptus oil in your shower and let the steam diffuse the scent. Plus, eucalyptus is stimulating which makes it great to use in your morning routine.

- Bergamot - This is a newer oil for me - it's uplifting and energizing. I'll place a drop behind my ears or at my neck before jumping into work for the day.

During the day:

- Peppermint - I live in an older NYC apartment and unfortunately creepy crawlers are a real thing I deal with on a daily basis. I've found that spritzing peppermint water around my windows, doors, and floorboards helps to keep the bugs at bay! I use about 10 drops in a small spray bottle. Peppermint is also good for headaches, belly aches, and indigestion.

- Purify - My apartment is also small and so if I cook something strong smelling ( whatever!) the whole place can smell like that for days! Enter: Purify - a blend of oils created to clear the air. I place a few drops of this oil in my diffuser and let it run until whatever smell has disappeared.

- Balance - Balance is my go-to oil for focus! If I'm feeling anxious or jittery, I'll rub a drop of Balance on the bottoms of my feet to chill out (without being put to sleep).

- onGuard - Like I mentioned above, onGuard is doTERRA's protective blend, which was formulated to boost your immune system and protect you against illness. Especially during the colder months, I'll rub a drop between my hands when I'm out and about. I like to think of it like my natural hand sanitizer!


- Ylang Ylang - My "perfume" of choice! (I say this in quotes because I have always disliked traditional perfume) Ylang ylang is used to lessen tension and stress and to promote a positive outlook; its musky and slightly floral. I'll dab a drop on my wrists or behind my neck if I'm going out for the evening. 

- Deep Blue rub - I'm an active person, and sometimes parts of my body are sore at the end of the day. I'll rub this essential oil infused lotion into my neck, shoulders, and other achy areas for immediate relief.

- Lavender - If you've come to my yoga class, you've most likely experienced my lavender water spray. I use this on students during savasana to promote relaxation; I also spritz it on my pillow and sheets at night.

- Serenity - Dare I say it, but this may be my favorite oil! Serenity is a heavenly mix of lavender, marjoram, roman chamomile, and ylang ylang. I diffuse it every night and I swear it helps me sleep like a baby!


There are so many other oils that I use, I could go on and on, but these are truly my staples. Ready to start incorporating some of these into your daily routine? Head over here to purchase and then let me know - which are your favorites and how do you use them??