Livestream my yoga classes!



Pretty much every week I get a message or email asking WHEN I'm going to make yoga videos for my friends who can't wake up for my early AM classes, for my friends who travel regularly, and for all of you who don't live in NYC!

Well, the day is here.

You can now take class with me online on FORTE Fit.

See why I was jumping out of my seat??? You can now take my yoga classes from ANYWHERE (the comfort of your own home, your hotel room or gym) on FORTE Fit.

What is FORTE?

Think Netflix for boutique fitness classes. Through FORTE, you can take some of the BEST workout classes NYC has to offer: yoga, barre, HIIT, boxing and MORE! Classes are available via livestream (i.e. you take the class in real time! so fun!) but you also have access to a HUGE library of past classes, including mine!

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FORTE is the future of fitness and has received some RAVE early reviews:

Here's the best part: you can sign up for just $50 FOR THE WHOLE YEAR! That's less than taking 2 classes here in NYC, so what are you waiting for? Use the code 'EmilyFORTE' to take advantage of this sweet deal :)

Not sure if FORTE is for you? Click here to sign up for a FREE 30 Day Trial. I KNOW you are going to love it.

Do it today! I'm teaching my next class on FORTE this Saturday (February 18th) at 4PM and I'd LOVE for you to be there. Use the code EMILYFORTE when you sign up, or click the link below.

Join FORTE Fit today for just $50 for a FULL year.

Once you've signed up, I want to hear from you: what kinds of classes do you want to see me teach? Do you want more short and sweet sequences or longer flows? Want me to focus on core work or breathing techniques? Poses for runners? Tell me!

Let me know what you want in the comments below!