Workout Review: Tonehouse NYC

Without a doubt Tonehouse is the hardest workout I've ever done. You may ask yourself multiple times throughout the workout if you will make it (you will) if you will throw up (you might). You will leave with an overwhelming sense of accomplishment, and perhaps a new friend or two.

Here's my recap of the Tonehouse experience:

The space: Dark, red lights, minimalist. Simple desk for check-in at front, but basically the workout space is the whole space. There is a bathroom and water fountain, but no locker rooms or showers.

The workout: Think high school sports conditioning. Before we officially began, there was a pump-up huddle (which explains why this workout reminds me of team sports!). Then, the warm up: sprints, ladder drills, agility work. Some say that this is hardest part of class - I don't necessarily agree. Yes, it gets your blood pumping, but in my opinion not the hardest part.

After the warm up, we had a quick break for water, then back to it! We started with more sprints, relay type work, and what in my opinion is the hardest exercise in the class: the gallop. Even the strongest, fittest of the group struggle with this - it's just that intense. Quick tip: think very, very hard about what you choose to consume the morning (or evening) before this workout. There's a good chance it may resurface.

From there, we moved into work with the TRX bands - lunges, planks, ab work and more.

The final portion of class was a circle agility drill of sorts - we all circled up and then did whatever the coach called out: planks, squats, burpees, side shuffles, etc. At this point my body was so exhausted and it took all my focus to keep my body moving as each exercise was called out.

We ended with a few minutes of stretching plus one final group huddle. Despite how worn out everyone was, we were elated to be done, and proud of what we had accomplished. The "team" spirit is a big part of the workout, which is cultivated by the intensity of the class, but also by the awesome coaches.

The instructors: These coaches are incredible. They will not let you off the hook even if you are struggling, but instead will push you (in the most supportive way possible) to finish.

Overall: I will go back. Maybe not every week, but every so often when I need a kick ass workout that leaves me feeling challenged, accomplished, and sore!