Workout Review: FHITting Room NYC

Want a high intensity workout that won't totally kill ya? Fhitting Room is the place to go! In my opinion, this workout is a step down from Tonehouse but still super intense in a totally different way. It is more self directed (and everyone is doing things at their own pace) so if you want to slow down or ease up on yourself, you can.

Here's my recap of the FHITing Room experience:

The space: [I've visited the Flatiron location] Big, bright lobby. Friendly front desk staff who will point out studio ammenities if its your first time. Room is more like a group fitness studio you would find at a gym - mirrors on one wall, other walls are home to the various equipment. Bright lights, clean. This location has another, smaller studio downstairs, as well as multiple bathrooms and showers (complete with lush bath products)

The workout: Warm up - jumping jacks, lunges, etc. Some with weights, some without.

Next up is circuit work. The class is split up into groups that rotate through different exercises. Rowing + skier machines are used, as well as TRX resistance bands, boxes (for lunging and jumping. Fun!), and a Fhitting Room signature: kettlebells!

Fhix: The final portion of the workout is a 'FHIX' - a series of exercises that you complete at your own pace (you are given a number of reps to complete). This may be more burpees, lunges, squats, ab work, kettlebells, or whatever! But it definitely pushes your heart rate up and ends the class on a strong note.

The last few minutes of the class are left for stretching and cool down.

The instructors: Two coaches in every class so you will get personalized attention. Like Tonehouse these instructors are TOP notch. They are more accommodating here and will come give you assurance or easier variations of movements if they see you are struggling.

Overall: I love this workout because it challenges me, but doesn't scare me. It's hard, but not I-think-I'm-going-to-throw-up hard. And I know that as I come back again and again, I will get stronger, and I'll be able to take it up each time by selecting heavier weights or pushing myself to do more reps, go faster.