Create space for Morning ME Time

Since February is the official season of love, this month I'll be sharing tips for how you can add more self-care, more self-love into your daily routine.

Today's tip: create space for morning "me" time - Back in my days of corporate (which was almost a year ago, what???), I would wake up early every morning to exercise before heading into the office. Yes, the physical exercise was great for my body, but this practice was more important for my mind - by taking care of myself first thing, I was able to show up for work without worrying about when I would find that me time the rest of the day.

Practice this: Whether you are a morning person or not, set aside a few minutes in the morning to do something for you: exercise, meditate, make yourself a nourishing breakfast, hey, even taking a shower can be your YOU time. Even during crazy mornings, try to carve out a few minutes just for you. 


What will you do for YOU today? Let me know in the comments below!

PS. Looking for some more inspiration? Check out my upcoming events - there's a ton of self-love focused events these next two weeks.