Sticking to Your Resolutions

You may have forgotten that just over a month ago you made some big plans to do things differently this year. You said you'll go to the gym more, eat less junk, or maybe try to find that special someone. And what happened? Life probably got in the way of accomplishing those New Year's resolutions and you're back to your old habits.

Today I'm sharing 3 easy tips for creating resolutions that actually stick (it's not too late!) over at The ANY Magazine, an online publication launched in 2015 by Alder New York to share a unique perspective on living your best life. I love The ANY Magazine because it is all about helping you find that 80/20 balance between what you know you should do (go to the gym, drink green smoothies) and what you WANT to do (stay out late, have that second glass of champagne).

Head on over here to read the full article (and check out this awesome resource!): Sticking to Your Resolutions.